Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter
Week 2, 2007

From the farm:

Things are looking great in the field. I’ll try to take a picture to send soon. The crops are planted (and the seedlings up), and the fields have been almost completely weeded (for the 2nd time!). The tomatoes are starting to set fruit, the peas are flowering and the beans are getting ready to. The corn, winter squash and potatoes all look great. Onions, shallots and leeks are looking fine, thoroughly weeded and growing fast. In all, it looks like we are going to have an abundant season of veggies. The heat of summer is here, the irrigation water looks good, and the days are long.

A note on last week’s boxes:
-Fruit share got a ton of cherries (4lb. actually) – cherries will be a very short season this year, so were going to give you a lot while they are in season.
-Crested Butte didn’t get your herb seedlings, they were left on the trailer… sorry – we will bring them next weekend.

I am continuing to post recipes to the web site. The latest is for Radishes.

Here is what you can expect in the this week’s box…

This week’s Box
Baby Salad Greens
– tender baby greens, triple rinsed
Swiss Chard (new this week) – Tender young golden, yellow and red chard leaves.
Baby braising mix – a zesty mix of greens from our salad mix, perfect for stir frying. Looks like our baby salad, but no lettuce!
Radishes – the earliest root crop – a week or two more.
Head Lettuce – Beautiful head lettuce – more varieties to enjoy.
Cilantro (new this week)– Tender spring herb, only grows in the spring
Basil – from the hoophouse

Fruit – Cherries, Apricots

Coming soon (in the next 1-3 weeks):
Peas, snow, sugar snap & shelling
Pearl Onions
Baby Beets
Garlic Scapes (tops)
Bunched Spinach

Fruit – Peaches

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