2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 11 – tomato ripening heat

On The Farm

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The heat kicked in this week and the tomatoes are responding. both the hoop house and the field tomatoes are in full production & ripening well. One large section has a disease that is causing poor quality fruit (nearly all the tomatoes in this section are ‘seconds’), these can still be used for sauce but don’t work well for eating. The other tomatoes look great and have minimal damage. you will see some ripe tomatoes in your box, but mostly we try to pick most of the tomatoes at the pink stage when they are still firm enough to take some handling. Avoid refrigerating these pink fruit, just let them sit out until they ripen.

It was the apex, now its the long decline. You will see some decrease in the box content variety and quantities as the season wanes. Don’t be surprised or disappointed, its all part of the natural progression of the year! We do have lots of yummy winter squash and potatoes still to come.

In The Box

Tomatoes – everyone gets at least one nice slicer, fulls get two, plus look for lots of #2 quality tomatoes in your box or in the pickup area – cut off the bad parts and make a sauce with what you have left. look for extras at delivery locations.
Scallions – delicious, tender, mild
Flavored Basils – Lime, Cinnamon & Thai Basil (you get one)
Olathe Sweet Organic – new crop, tender ears – possibly the last corn this season!
Salad Mix – an especially flavorful (and a little spicy) mix this week.
Yellow Fresh Beans -half – 1 bag (1/2lb.)/ 2 bags for full – second bag green beans
Squash – still a few more weeks of squash… 2/4lb. email me if you want a stuffing sized squash!
Beets – half  1lb, full 2lb.
Eggplant or Peppers – look for some hot Jalapenos coming in, plus very dark green sweet Ancho chilies, and lots more of the hungarian hot yellow peppers (not really that hot). i have to rotate these crops around.

Cucumbers – an over-abundance this week – please make some cucumber salad – 3lb. half/ 6 lb. full – look for extras in the pickup area
Chard – bunched & colorful – 1bu half/ 2 bu full – blanch and freeze if its too much!
Kale – bunched, multiple types- 1bu / 2bu – lots of dino kale this week – blanch and freeze if its too much!
Carrots – bunched – 1bu / 2bu – bigger sizes


First Fruits – the best  Paonia peaches continue.

This week we have Red Globes – expect greatness!  I don’t think the nectarines will be ready until next week.
Early apples and hopefully plums coming soon.

The Box Value

Half – $34. Full – $61.50.

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