2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 12 – fall is here

Just a quick late post this week. The field has begun its slow decline, with just 5 more weeks of CSA delivery! This week we started picking new potatoes (these have tender skins and won’t store for very long) – marble/carbondale/redstone – well have yours next week) and the cauliflower is starting (orange and purple, farm pickup next week). I also picked the first winter squash this week – delacata, acorn and festival – these will taste best if you let them sit on the shelf for a week or two.

In The Box

Kale – bunched, multiple types- 1bu
Chard – bunched & colorful – 1bu
Salad Mix – 1 bag
Italian herbs- oregano, sage, thyme, marjoram – use fresh or dry them
Carrots – big yellow Ya-Ya types, soma orange as well – new crop – half 1/full 2 bu;
Leeks – large sized, time for potato leek soup!
Beets – 1lb/2lb. – these store extremely well in the produce bin if you can’t use them right away. we have a strong beet crop this year!
Cucumbers – still coming in!
Tomatoes – lots more coming in!
Winter Squash – 1 each
Summer Squash – 2lb/4lb
Peppers – Ancho, yellow, jalapeno, bell
Potatoes, new – delicious, more next week –
Orange cauliflower started this week, purple starts next week. Farm pickup ran short, we’ll have plenty next week.


First Fruits – the best Paonia peaches continue.
Peaches, Nectarines, White Peaches, Early Akami Apples

Box Value

Half – $38.00; Full –  $61.50

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