2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 13-17 – the end is near!

The End is Near!

The end of  the farm season, that is! The air is chilly in the mornings and i’ve noticed a few pockets of frost in the field the last few days. Even without a real freeze, everything is in decline. The winter squash are all ripening and the canopy of leaves is yellowing and thinning. The basil – one of the most freeze sensitive crops – looks chilled – not quite as vibrantly green as even a week ago.

Here is a recent panoramic view of the main field from the ditch road:

What to expect for the next few weeks

As I mentioned, the variety and quantity of produce is in decline. My emailing/posts will also become a little more irregular, but I will have a few more fall posts and photos. Here is a summary of what produce I expect… Salad mix may take a one week break, then we will have salad for several more weeks. We have a little more broccoli, and some purple cauliflower, plus green pointed cabbage (they look like coneheads) and romanesco – the green heads that look like detailed fractals. Carrots continue for a few more weeks, beets until the end of the season. We will have more onions, leeks and lots more winter squash – spaghetti squash, butternut, more acorn, red kuri and others, plus some orange pumpkins.  We have some more eggplant, peppers and tomatoes – at least until it freezes, which ends these crops! We will have more potatoes at the end, probably the last 2-3 weeks. kale should continue, but chard is nearly finished. I think thats it, although there may still be a surprise in there somewhere! For fruit, peaches are ending, but we will have pears and several varieties of apples including honeycrisp, gala, jonathan and jonagold.

When is the last week?

Since this (was) week 13, I expect to have just 4 more weeks of CSA boxes! Here is the schedule for final delivery: The last farm pickup and the last marble/redstone/carbondale delivery will be Friday October 8th. The last Crested Butte delivery will be Sunday October 11th. Delivery customers, please bring any and all totes and boxes to the pickup or leave beforehand!

On the final day we will also be offering a ‘winter box’…

The Winter Box

The winter box will be a large box full of storage crops: primarily winter squash, storage onions, potatoes and some garlic. The cost per box is a flat $40 and we will fill the boxes based on what we have available in early October. Many of these crops will store well for several months, but you need to make sure they are stored in the right conditions… here is an article from the Colorado University Extionsion outlining Winter Squash (and pumpkin) Storage Techniques: http://www.extension.org/pages/How_to_Store_Winter_Squash_and_Pumpkins and here is one on storing onions: http://www.extension.org/pages/How_to_Cure_and_Store_Garden_Onions

Please reserve soon – there will be a limited number of boxes available. We are offering the box to make it easy, but if you prefer to special order a specific storage crop, like 40 lb. of butternut squash or 25 lb. of red onions, please call or email for availability.

In this weeks box

Kale – bunched, multiple types- 1bu / full 2 bu
Chard – bunched & colorful – 1bu
Salad Mix – 1 bag (sorry farm was a little short, if you did not get salad you can take an extra bag the next time we have it, this week or next)
Basil – last of the season!
Carrots – sweet orange types, topped – new crop – half 1lb./full 2 lb.;
Leeks – large sized, time for potato leek soup!
Beets – 1lb/2lb. – these store extremely well in the produce bin if you can’t use them right away. we have a strong beet crop this year!
Cucumbers – last week!
Tomatoes – ends soon!
Winter Squash – more soon
Summer Squash – done!
Peppers – Ancho, yellow, jalapeno, bell  -still more coming in
Potatoes, new – delicious, more in a couple of weeks
Purple Cauliflower starts next week. Farm pickup ran short, we’ll have plenty next week.
Red Cabbage
Garlic – 1/4 lb /1/2lb.


First Fruits – the best Paonia peaches continue.
Peaches – the end – Gala apples

Box Value

Half – $40.25. Full – $69.00.

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