2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 16/17 – the season comes to a close

Tomatoes in October

This year our fields have been spared their usual early freeze and with the recent warm temperatures, the slicer tomatoes continue to ripen up. The peppers and eggplant have mostly given up, but we still found some summer squash and cucumbers last week – pretty late in the season for these crops! Look for plenty on tomatoes this week!

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What’s Coming In?

Still plenty of big, sweet & crunchy carrots for the next two weeks, plus plenty more beets and lots of potatoes. We also have a good supply of winter squash and pumpkins.  Most of the big winter squash – the kabochas, hubbards, the butternuts and buttercups cure up immediately after the first frost. If we don’t have a frost before the last delivery, some of these squash may arrive a little green – fresh off the vine – and you will need to cure them. To cure your squash, place in a warm sunny window and rotate occasionally. Move to a cool, well ventilated & dark storage area after a few weeks.  To test a winter squash for ripeness, poke the skin with your fingernail – when the skin is tough like leather, the squash is ripe – if you can poke your nail in, let the squash ripen.

We picked the celery today – it didn’t do very well this year, but there is enough to add to a soup. We also have rutabagas for next week. We will have one more round of salad the last week, and we have more italian herbs – thyme, oregano, rosemary, marjoram and sage. We have lots of beautiful cabbage, purple and green – including the pointed green cone-head type.  We also have a little more broccoli this week and lots of cauliflower – white, orange and purple.


This week will be the last for fruit and we will have a nice selection of varieties – honeycrisp, gala & jonagold apples, plus bartlett pears. The fruit was all a little late this year and there is some damage on the jonagolds, but the flavor is fantastic. Enjoy!

The Winter Box

The winter box will be a large box full of storage crops: primarily winter squash, storage onions, potatoes and some garlic. The cost per box is a flat $40 and we will fill the boxes based on what we have available in early October. Please call or email by next Tuesday  – October 5th to reserve your box (or more than one box).

Thank you for your support this year!

If you loved the produce this year, consider sending me a testimonial for promoting the CSA next year. Just email me your comments!

See you next year!!!

Farmer Adam

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