2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 9 – harvest, harvest, harvest

On The Farm
Its about all we can do to keep up with the harvest on the farm. Everything seems to be doing its thing at once, and the row of beans looks mighty long!

Still no ripe tomatoes to speak of, but we are getting some more heat in the last few days, so hopefully that will change.

New boxes: we are introducing a new box for half sizes this week – the boxes were a little crammed, please let me know if everything transfered intact.  please be a little careful when opening these boxes, they are still brand new and the edges are a little sharp.also, please remember to return all your totes and these new boxes to the delivery point each week. thanks!

In The Box

Olathe Sweet Corn – Certified Organic – more yummy, local, organic corn – half/full -5 ears/10 ears
Onions – more of the early crop, half 1/full 2
Salad Mix – its back for another run (limited to fill boxes)
Romaine heads – last head lettuce of the season

Green Beans -half – 1 bag (1/2lb.)/ 2 bags for full
Squash – more and more… 2/4lb. email me if you want a stuffing sized squash!
Cucumbers – lots, 2lb. hals/ 4 lb. full
Chard – bunched & colorful – 1bu
Kale – bunched, multiple types- 1bu / 2bu – lots of dino kale this week
Italian Herbs – Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram in mixed bundles – perfect for sauce or dressings – use fresh or hang and dry for later.

Carrots – bunched – 1bu / 2bu – big ones in 2-3 weeks
Broccoli – 1.5lb half/3lb. full – lots coming in now!

Peppers/Eggplant 1lb/2lb.


New this week – Paonia peaches from First Fruits, delicious picked very close to ripe.
Early apples coming soon.

Veggies Coming Soon

There are still a few things we haven’t started picking, and lots more of what we have had. The green and red cabbages look great, the greens will be first in a week or two. the cauliflower crop looks good, but is still a few weeks off. the melons are setting fruit but who knows if many will ripen, it all depends on the weather! lots of eggplant and peppers coming in soon, also the potato crop is looking good – we hope to pick a little bit for the csa in the next week or two.

Not in the Box (but available for special order, call or email)

Basil – special order at $12/lb. for pesto – plenty available now
#2 peaches for canning
Gladioli – stunning beauty for your home – $10 for 5 – email to request

The Box Value

Half  $30.00. Full $54.00.

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