2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 10 – Cauliflower/Here comes Fall!

On the Farm

Fall has settled in on the farm and a stead rhythm of harvesting has set in. Its week 10 and that means the long descent into the fall crops has begun.

Over the next few weeks you will see a few new crops that we haven’t at all or much of… The earliest winter squash – delacata, acron and festival are nearly ready. although we can start picking these next week, you will want to hold off for a week or two – or more –  before eating the winter squash, to let them develop their full flavor. towards the last few weeks we will have some of the longer storage winter squash as well – hubbards, spaghetti, butternet etc.

We’ve got a nice crop of potatoes to harvest, more onions (including red onions), shallots, leeks, bulb fennel, more cabbage and lots more salad to come. Plus, we finally started picking tomatoes this week (just a few members who didn’t get salad got them this week) and the farm corn has tasseled up and is 2 weeks away from harvest. We also have a nice fall carrot crop, plus some more scallions.

The field in pictures

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In The Box

 – call or email for perto quantities
Pearl Onions
(some members)
 – from Austin Family Farms
Cauliflower –
 lots more – white, orange, green and purple
 –  yum, even more this week
Squash, summer – lots this week
Baby Salad Mix – still more coming, we may take one week off but then should have salad until the end
Beans –  purple – last week (still available by special order for canning)
Kale & Swiss Chard –  we will take a break again soon
Onions – big ones, fresh and delicious, red coming soon
Broccoli – A bit more, almost done
Romanesco – Crazy fractal broco-flowers – more coming
Napa Cabbage  – the end of the napa

Coming soon 
more Eggplant – we are just letting them size up
more Peppers – bells, etc.
potatoes, shallots, bulb fennel, leeks, scallions, carrots , winter squash

Fruit – no fruit for fruit member this week – good thing we had some melons… We are in a gap between Palisade and the north fork valley – The valley’s first peaches are just beginning to come in – around a month later than their reglar timing. We should have delicious First Fruits north fork valley peaches for the next 5 weeks. next week I also hope to get some plums from Austin Family Farms. the first apples (after those pristines) will be the galas, coming in this week or next, several other varieties will follow and apples will last thru the season. we will also have several varieties of pears some time in september. i haven’t heard anything about nectaries, we usually have these for 1-2 weeks, but I haven’t been able to find any yet!

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