2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 11 – Tomatoes!

This week the tomatoes finally started to come in enough for everyone to get some. This is just the beginning of the tomatoes, and we expect to have tomatoes in increasing quantities for the next few weeks at least before the cooler weather and shorter days slow things down. This week we also picked our first, earliest winter squash and everyone should have gotten one (farm members I forgot to write winter squash on the board, please take on next week if you didn’t take one this week! ) Please enjoy the squash on your shelf for a week or two before eating – its really not quite ready to eat! The rest of the winter squash crop still needs a few weeks to ripen, its all a bit late, so we are hoping for a few more weeks of frost free weather.

Also new this week is bulb fennel. This delicious vegetable is tasty raw sliced thin in a salad or cooked – in a savory soup. the leaves can be used for a sauce or dressing. or, if you can’t use i right away, dry it and store in a jar. This is the only time we will have this unusual vegetable, so enjoy. Also new this week – red onions, not fully size up, but we knew you wanted them for their fresh onion sweetness.

With only six more weeks to go its time to talk about the final weeks! We took a salad break this week, but a fresh crop or two is coming so we expect another month of salads. We picked the biggest red onions we had, but plenty more, plus more yellow and white onions. All our onions will store for 2-4 weeks, and most that you get later in the season will store for 2-4 months, so if we are giving you more than you can use in a given week, save them up for the post-CSA dry times! The same applies for garlic.

We started picking the new crop of carrots this week and we will have carrots of increasing sizes for the next month. If you get too many, make sure they are clean and top well, then store ina  bag in your produce drawer – stored properly they should last 2-3 months. We will also have some more beets which store well. We have a nice crop of leeks that will be ready in 3-4 weeks, and a giant crop of shallots that will be ready for the last few weeks of the season. Also due for the last few weeks – potatoes – several varieties, winter squash, and celery – yes celery! We have plenty of basil if you want to make some pesto, please email or call to special order.

We had artichokes this week, will take a break for a week, then have more for several weeks. we will take a kale/chard break next week for 1-2 weeks, but will have cooking greens again for the last few weeks of the season. I know I’ve been inundating you all with cucumbers, but they are finally starting to diminish, expect a little less as time goes on. We had lots of eggplant this week for farm members, everyone else expect eggplant next week – eggplant and peppers should last for a while, they are under plastic and protected from a freeze.

We have a few more surprises in store for you, but I’m not saying what! We have lots of yummy fruit for fruit members – plums next week, more local peaches and lots of apples and pears for the next six weeks.

Please note that my newsletters will become more sporadic in the next few weeks, i’ll post irregular updates; feel free to email me any questions!


In The Box

Red Cabbage
Bulb Fennel
Baby Carrots
Red Onions
Squash – summer
Squash  – winter


Peaches from First Fruits, Paonia – two varieties (mixed in each bag) – very close to ripe, these are dripping juicy sweet delicious. enjoy!


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