2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 2 – the lull before the storm

Away and Back

The harvest board, week 1

This week, I left the farm for a quick trip out to visit my mother in North Carolina. I was gone for a total of 5 nights, and the most striking thing upon returning is the amount everything has grown in less than a week.  Its always this way in the end of June – the heat sets in and the crops (and the weeds) begin to explode!

While I was gone, things continued amazingly smoothly at the farm. The crew this year includes several old hands at the farm harvest routine and they harvested, washed and bagged/bunched this weeks delicious veggies for your eating pleasure!

The Lull before the Storm

This week’s box may seem a little small, especially compared to our relatively strong week 1 last week.  Several crops just weren’t quite ready, and we had to put of their harvest till next week. We do have a few new items this week, and I promise quantities will really pick up starting next week!

This Week’s Box

This week we have the rest of our spring plantings of spinach, and the second type of bok choi ‘Win Win Choi.’ Both of these crops had some leaf damage so use them first. We have the first of our chard, bagged, and more varieties of kale coming in. by next week we should be able to start bunching these crops. We harvested the first bed of cilantro this week, and we will have dill next week; Cilantro lovers enjoy it while it lasts, the heat makes growing cilantro mid season tough, but we will try to have it again in the fall. The beets and kohlrabi weren’t quite big enough to pick this week, we ill have those crops next week;  We picked a little green butter this week, and more varieties of head lettuce will arrive next week – romaine and green leaf. We have green garlic this week, its just garlic thats not bulbed up yet; we will start to pick the bulb garlic next week, but it takes a few weeks to dry.

What’s in the Box!

Here come the summer crops - corn, beans, squash and more.

Cilantro – enjoy it while we have it!
Baby Salad Mix
– we should have this all summer -yum
Spinach – Bunched, fulls get 2; use first!
Radishes – fresh & spicy –
Green Garlic– tender garlic flower heads, use like garlic
Kale – Bagged ‘baby’ leaves – bunched chard and kale still a few weeks off – fulls get 2
Thyme – overwintered
Oregano – also overwintered, use fresh or you can dry!
Win Win Choi (type of Bok Choi) –  the stems are delicious, crunchy and sweet
Head Lettuce – more red oak leaf, some green butter

Remember this is a late season, everything is 2-3 weeks later than usual. LOTS MORE coming next week.


The 1st bing cherries from Domingez canyon next week, the first of the season! Supply was limited this week, Half’s get 1.6 lb Fulls get 3.2 lb.  everyone will get a bit more next week.

Fruit Cases for Sale

We offer #1 or #2 cases at a great price, just give me a call early in the week and I will confirm your order. Right now we can get #2 cherries at $36/case.

Coming Up

Baby Beet Bunches – the will be big enough next week
Kohlrabi – green & purple
More lettuce Varieties
More radish varieties
Bunched Chard & Kale


Napa/Chinese Cabbage
Peas – snow, snap & shelling
Baby Carrots
Early onions, pearl onions, scallions
Garlic Bulbs

Tote Reminder for Marble/RedStone/Crested Butte folks!

We need those totes back each and every week to keep the produce moving! Please remember to get your totes back to the farm! CB folks can leave totes on the porch (please collapse by picnhing corner tabs so they stack). Gunnison members I’ve been using cardboard produce boxes, I can take these back if they are in good shape, just bring them back to mark at the farmers market.

Balance Payments Due Soon

For those of you who gave a deposit and still owe on your membership, I will send you a balance reminder shortly by email. 50% of your balance is due July 15th, the remaining 50% is due August 15th.


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