2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 6 – off to the river!

From the Farm

Just a quick note this week – I’m writing quickly because we are heading off to the Rio Chama for a family float, slipping away between harvests! The field looks just fantastic this year, its really exceptional. Come visit and take a walk thru the field any time!

Lots more coming in from the field – lots of broccoli this week and some larger onions. Three varieties of onions are coming in so far – walla walla, candy and sierra blanca. they are starting to size up. The carrots this week are a bit larger as well… and the napa cabbages a bit denser. Lots more to come… The basil is starting this week, its muddy because its short and getting splattered with dirt. We can’t wash the basil or it will turn black, but you can was it just before using, and pinch the leaves off the tougher stems.

A word on storing and using excess veggies

As the season progresses, you may find yourself unable to keep up with all the produce. Most things will store very well for several weeks in your fridge. many items can be cooked or frozen, and you can also consider giving away extra veggies to neighbors or friends (head lettuce anyone?)…  Soon enough you will be missing the bounty of summer, so enjoy it as much as you can!

In The Box

Napa Cabbage – deliciously crunchy – great in stir fry! Check out the stir fry pictured below, Valerie made it with all CSA box veggies – napa, broccoli, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, YUM!
 –  more this week
 – small early white and yellow onions
 –  a bit more
Squash, summer 
–  zucchini, patty pan,yellow straight-neck, etc
Carrots – 
 more carrots!
Cilantro – 
new crop, one more week of this cilantro
– (some boxes) more coming soon 
Baby Salad Mix 
Peas – last week, (farm missed this week, you got them 1 week earlier than the rest)- beans start soon.
Kale & Chard – back this week, more coming
Head Lettuce – even more lettuce! more to come!
Garlic – not fully cured, but a little to keep you garlic lovers going!


Peaches from the Palisade Peach Company  – less qty – in between crops. more next week

Coming soon

Carrots – larger sizes
Onions – larger yellow walla wallas & whites
Scallions and Cipollini flat small onions in a few weeks
Summer Squash – lots of varieties coming in over the next 3 weeks and thru the season
Cucumbers – starts in next few weeks
Broccoli – lots just budding up, we will have a flush starting in 1-2 weeks, but the best crop comes later in the season, in september
more lettuce varieties – next week – more green romain, green butters, and more!
More Kohlrabi
Cabbage – chinese first, then red & green;
Cauliflower – a few weeks off
Olathe Sweet Organic Sweet Corn – mid august
Fruit coming soon

North Fork Valley Peaches from First Fruits


More pictures…

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