2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 7 – Summer hits its stride

Updates this week

This week lots of new crops are coming in from the field – we started picking tomatoes peppers and eggplants from the hoop house.  There isn;t quite enough to go around, so some members will get peppers, some will get eggplant. Plenty more to come in the next few weeks. Lots of cucumbers, and the squash is also picking up this week. We harvested the rest of the garlic from the field  this week. We also started processing the garlic we had harvested previously. All of the garlic from the fields was placed in the seed house to dry.

This week the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage started going crazy. We harvested hundreds of pounds of cabbage and broccoli. The cauliflower is just starting, but some escaped notice and went past its prime before we got to picking it. Although these cauliflower heads don’t look perfect, they still taste great– look in your box look for assorted colored cauliflowers starting this week and next. We grow white cauliflower, and also orange “cheddar” cauliflower, and purple cauliflower.

This week we picked the last of the peas. Look for shelling peas in your box this week. The green beans are nearly ready, and we will start picking these for the boxes next week. We have green, yellow and purple beans, several varieties that should last for around a month. New this year is a bush sized plan producing long slender green fillet beans. This week we harvested  cucumbers and summer squash mostly from the hoop house, but the field cucumbers are just starting to come in; once everything is coming in you will get several cucumbers every week. If you are interested in doing any pickling, we grow several varieties of cucumbers specifically for making pickles–and we pick these at a smaller size. Please email or call ahead to special order at $1/lb.

We picked the 1st bed of scallions this week (and some perl onions), and are taking a break from the regular onions while they size up. We have another bed coming in later. We also picked basil this week, but there weren;t enough bags for everyone, so some of you will get it next week. If you would like to make pesto and need a larger quantity, please call or email (basil wholesales for $12/lb). We also picked dill and everyone got a bunch this week; if you want dill again, please send me an email and i will throw some in your box, we probably won;t have it in the boxes again, but we will have parsley and other herbs coming up.

Sweet corn is still about two weeks off, and we expect Paonia peaches and early apples around the same time.

In The Box

Cabbage – red, green, flat and cone shaped. half boxes got smaller sizes
 –  LOTS this week
Cauliflower –
a bit
Scallions  – great in soup
Cucumber –  a bit more, more coming
Squash, summer –  zucchini, patty pan,yellow straight-neck, etc, more coming
Carrots –  full sized carrots!
Dill – new crop
Basil – (some boxes) more coming soon, order for pesto
Baby Salad Mix – still more coming
Peas – last week, (farm missed this week, you got them 1 week earlier than the rest)- beans start soon.
Kale & Chard –  more again this week
Head Lettuce – This is the last week for head lettuce!


Peaches from the Palisade Peach Company  – new variety

Coming soon

Carrots – larger sizes
Onions – larger yellow walla wallas & whites
Summer Squash – more coming in next week
Tomatoes – starts in next few weeks
Cabbage – more napa soon;
Cauliflower – more next week
Olathe Sweet Organic Sweet Corn – mid august
Fruit coming soon

North Fork Valley Peaches from First Fruits


The Farm in Pictures

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