2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 8 – New potatoes

On The Farm

The farm has really reached its stride; everything is looking vibrant, and the produce is coming in so fast we can hardly keep up with harvesting it all.

This week we have several crew transitions going on.  Maura, our intern who started working with us this spring, is heading back to her teaching job; Sabina and Isabel (my god-daughter and daughter), our crack of dawn teenager team, are heading back to high school. Thanks to them, we’ve grown and picked a lot of produce so far this summer. To make up the shortfall, some of us will add days, and in the cooling days of fall harvest will go later into the early afternoons. Also as other farm tasks like planting, mowing and weeding fall away (we give up!), we are left with harvest as the main task.

In the Field

The cauliflower really started coming in this week, so everyone got some. I gave everyone cabbage again. I realize you probably still have a cabbage from last week, so its time to make some cole slaw or cabbage rolls.  See my note below about overflowing fridges. We finished harvesting the 1st of our two early carrot beds this week. Farm members got some FUNKY carrots this week, sorry about that – I mis-calculated the number of bunches and all I had left on friday was the ‘funny’ carrots with all kinds of splits and swirls. These strange shaped carrots are usually caused by nematodes (tiny worms) that attach to roots as they grow. The flavor of the carrot isn’t affected! It looks like we will have one or two more weeks of carrots, then possibly a brief gap or some baby carrots before we begin harvesting our even larger fall planting.

The broccoli tapered off this week after an initial flush, but we should have more in a few weeks as the side-shoot crop develops. We dug a few new potatoes this week because we ALL love potatoes, and the fresh new ones are delicious. We dug up a section of mixed varieties planted from last years leftovers. We may have new potatoes one more time, then a few weeks off, then several varieties and larger quantities for the last few weeks. We have a nice crop of leeks for fall so you make potato leek soup.

The field cucumbers started producing this week, and there will be even more cucumbers over the next few weeks. Please email or call if you would like some picking cukes, we have plenty and pick them at a tiny size. The field summer squash is also coming on so expect more squash over the next few weeks. The beans are finally coming in, so everyone got a bag of green beans, fulls got more, everyone will get beans again for at least two more weeks. we have green, yellow, purple, and a red specked fresh bean and will try to rotate the varieties so you can try them all.

The artichokes are looking great – we started picking a few last week; I hope to have enough for at least some members boxes next week. as these trickle in, a different group of members will get them each week, for example farm members one week, crested butte members one week, etc. The onions have really sized up, you can expect a steady supply for a while.

A Word on Overflowing Fridges

I know that the produce quantities can be a bit overwhelming, so here are some tips… I suggest trying to store as much as you can, but also consider cooking extra and freezing. Many vegetables can be frozen by simply blanching (brief partial cooking) putting in a bag and dropping int he freezer. Beans are a good candidate for freezing! Some veggies don;t need the fridge – onions, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes; also cucumbers, peppers and eggplant store best at around 50 degrees, so find a cool, shady, critter free spot and store them there.

In The Box

Cabbage – red, green, flat and cone shaped. half boxes got smaller sizes
Cauliflower – even more to come
Cucumber –  yum
Squash, summer 
Carrots – 
Baby Salad Mix – still more coming
Beans – green, yellow, purple, red speckled
Kale & Chard –  we will take a break again soon
Onions – big ones, fresh and delicious
Garlic  – all dried and curing, we will have garlic on and off for the rest of the season.
Eggplant – some members
Peppers – several varieties coming in
Potatoes – new potatoes, freshly dug by hand for your eating pleasure.


Peaches from the domingez canyon this week; a note to fruit members – I’ve been holding back a little on fruit because the variety has been limited. We should start to see North Fork peaches and early apples (Galas and Akami first) soon.

Coming soon

Tomatoes – starts in next few weeks, just a few ripening so far
Olathe Sweet Organic Sweet Corn – should start next week

Fruit coming soon

North Fork Valley Peaches from First Fruits, Apples

More Pictures from the Farm coming soon!



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