2011 CSA Newsletter – Weeks 14-16/17 – When will you stop giving me all this produce?

The 2011 Harvest Season Ends Soon!

I hope you have all enjoyed the abundance this summer. While we got off to a late start, most  crops still produced an abundant supply for the CSA boxes.

Here are the final pickup/delivery dates –

Crested Butte – last delivery Sunday October 9th – this will be a big delivery, watch for items outside the box like pumpkins!
Marble & Gunnison – last pickup Saturday October 8th – – this will be a big delivery, watch for items outside the box like pumpkins!
Farm pickup  – last pickup Friday October 14th

The farm has slowed its output and the pace of work has slowed as well. Fall project loom – uncompleted spring projects, thinning the berries, discing the fields and planting cover crops and more await as the harvest winds down. Send me an email about the season – what did you like or feel overwhelmed by.

Whats in the Box?

Lots of the same crops continue until it freezes. Week 15 featured some 18 items, but some are done – most of the things in your box store very well, so keep them for weeks to come!

Sweet/Colored Bell Peppers
Anaheim peppers (semi-hot)
Summer Squash
Winter Squash

Fruit – red & green bartletts, gala apples, honeycrisp apples – last week we will have some d’anjou pears, golden delicious & jonathan apples.

Get a Winter Box

We have a limited number of winter boxes available this year for $45/box. the boxes include a mix of potatoes, winter squash, onions and – all of which will store for several months. please email me with your order, and let me know if you want more or less of one item, or a certain type of winter squash.  These boxes will be delivered with the final box (see above) and will be labeled with your name!

Watch this space this fall for a signup/renewal offer for the 2012 Harvest Season.

 The Last Slideshow of the Season

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