2011 Harvest Season Starts Soon – Memberships Still Available

Everything is Looking GREAT!

Get ready for veggies!

Its amazing to thing that harvest will start in just a few weeks!  It was a very cold spring. In fact, May saw the coldest average temperature on record (for Grand Junction). Because of the cold and wet weather most of our plantings went in two-three weeks later than usual, but in they went, and went and went – the field is now full (other than cover crop/fallow areas) and the planting is over for the season (other than a few fall crops and my regular season long salad mix sowings).

Some of the 1st established beds this year.

The weather finally warmed up in the last week and everything is starting to grow fast with the longer, warmer days and regular watering. We have excellent water (snow pack) this year and this should mean a long, strong harvest season, but the cold spring means our first few boxes will be smaller than usual.

The first box CSA harvest will be the week of June 20th (details below). What will be in the first few boxes? Salad Mix, Baby Spinach, Baby Chard, Baby Chois Baby Kale, Baby Beets, Green Garlic Shoots, Thyme & Oregano, Dill and Cilantro. By early July we should have head lettuce, peas, beets, carrots and other crops will trickle in – most crops will be 2-3 weeks later than usual this year, but once things really start coming in your boxes will fill up. Please be patient with the farm this year as the first few weeks will be light!

Memberships still Available

We still have room for around ten more members. I will continue accepting members until around the end of June when we will close the memberships for the season.  Membership in the Turkey Hill CSA is a great investment in your health – its a great deal for a huge variety of local, fresh produce that will entice you to eat well all summer long. I know many of you are members already, so remind you friends that this is the last chance to get in on a great deal!

Busy Planting, Weeding and Fixing broken things

The last month has been a whirlwind of planting and prepping for planting. The picture at left shows the tractor set up with drill seeders. We also moved all the tens of thousands of baby starts from the greenhouse to the hardening off tables and finally out to the field. Each bed holds 300-1,000 plants depending on spacing and the beds have to be prepared for planting – ideally immediately before they are planted for the best planting conditions.

I do all the bed prep work myself with our two farm tractors. Along the way things always break. This year I hit a giant rock with the discer and catching it just right to tear a disc free that had to be replaced  – not an easy task. Then I ran over an irrigation riser hiding in the grass and cracked the T fitting buried five feet underground. Actually, I didn’t realize the T was broken immediately – instead I spend two days digging in the mud. Finally, I called in the backhoe and made quick work of the repairs. I’ve also since mowed the grass and am driving a little slower.

Last Seeding Planted!


The last plantings went in this week – around two weeks later than usual. Part of the reason they are going in so late is that I have been waiting for warm weather. Crops like corn will literally rot in the soil if it hasn’t warmed up enough – or crops like squash will take weeks and weeks to emerge. Finally its warm enough to put these crops in and I can be confident they will pop up and grow quickly.

Berry Trellising Completed, The Berries are Loaded!

The berry trellising project is finally complete! The trellising project started last year with setting some of the support posts, then got a big boost this spring when Gary and Kiki spent a week here (trading for their CSA share) and worked on the project every day, completing the posts and cross-arms, laying the wires and pouring concrete for the end supports. This month we finally completed the project, tensioning the wires that will support the vines. The plants look great, and some of the varieties are loaded with berries (we have both raspberries and blackberries). These should start coming in by mid July and will be included some weeks of the fruit season.

First Harvest Pickup Details

Here are the pickup details for each area – I will call each of you before the harvest begins to go over directions and answer any questions.

Farm Pickup Customers your first pickup is Friday, June 24th. Pickup is from 3-7pm every friday thru October 14th at the farm on Powell Mesa outside Hotchkiss. Boxes and bags are available at the pickup area, and I will be there to greet you for the first pickup.  If you need to come at a time other than Friday 3-7pm, please call and let me know ahead of time. I can box up your produce and put it in the walk you; you can then pick it up later at night or any time over the weekend thru monday. Directions to the farm: From Hotchkiss take 4th Street (opposite the fairgrounds) North. In approximately 1 mile take your second left on the second Powell Mesa Rd. (its a big loop, you want the 2nd leg). One mile up Powell Mesa Road you will see the Round Earth farm sign directly in front of you. If you are lost on Powell Mesa Rd, the farm is just down the hill from 34831 Powell Mesa Rd.

Crested Butte Customersyour first delivery/pickup is Sunday June 26th.  The truck arrives from the farm by 11am, and leaves around 11:30am. The pickup is at Stacee Vanaernem’s house, a tall green building at 421 White Rock.  Please do your best meet the truck there and get your box between 11 and 11:30. If you are out of town, please have a friend or neighbor pick up your box!  Meeting the truck is a great way to meet the farmers who grow your food (we usually rotate the delivery task – Joseph will be doing the first delivery, but I will be there on week 2 or 3). We also often have free extras available in the truck and will also have some extras for sale like flowers, eggs and berries. If you can’t make it by 11:30, we will leave your box on Stacee’s shady porch – if you come late, please make sure you take your box and not someone else’s– each box is labeled with a name!

Gunnison Customers – your first delivery/pickup is Saturday June 25th. Mark from Thistle Whistle farms will be bringing your box to his stand at the Gunnison Farmers Market. Please thank him and support Mark by purchasing something from his stand – he’s likely to have something interesting that we don’t have! If you are out of town, please have a friend or neighbor pick up your box!

Marble/Redstone Customers – your first delivery/pickup is Saturday June 25th. I will have your boxes stacked in one spot in our walk-in cooler each week. Directions to the farm are above. I’m hoping you all have worked out a good spot for meeting to distribute the boxes, we can go over the details when I call you.

More Farm Pictures

Here is a slide show with some recent shots, enjoy!

[slidepress gallery=’2011soon’]


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