2012 CSA Newsletter – Week 5 – Harvest Mania

The Farmers Update

Time to pick the cucumbers!

Harvest is about all we can get to these days, with a bit of weeding when possible. The beans are coming in in full force now, lots more to come for a few weeks.Are you sick of beets yet? We will give you a break for a couple of weeks before getting into the second patch. remember, the topped beets store very well, put them in a bag in your produce drawer and you can use them all winter. Cucumbers are coming in  this week strongly, but still just from the hoop house – the early crop. the main crop is still a few weeks off.

Lots of cauliflower this week, plus plenty more broccoli coming next week. We also picked the first cabbage this week, a delicious ‘conehead; variety called “caraflex’ from johnny’s seeds –  here’s what they say: Inner leaves are tender and have an excellent, rich cabbage flavor. Perfect for summer salads, slaws, or cooked dishes. 

The irrigation water is only going to last a few more weeks. After that we will have the pond to irrigate about an acre of crops laid out with drip tape. Several crops may suffer this fall without monsoonal moisture: kale, chard, salad, broccoli and cauliflower. I will make up these weaknesses with other crops that should do fine: squash, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, beets, carrots and many herbs. Our sweet corn crop may not set – its late – but we will have at least a few weeks of local, natural/organic corn from either tuxedo corm or austin family farms (starting in 1-2 weeks).

This week’s peaches are from domingez canyon, and like all early peaches, they aren’t quite as spectacular as the main season peaches we will have in a few weeks. In a few weeks we will also have the earliest apples. I’m also expecting to get some plums, nectarines and peaches for the fruit members this season – its a good fruit year. we should have fruit thru the season.

We started picking the Gladioli this last week, if you want to brighten up your life buy a bundle of these for your kitchen on dining room. they are absolutely stunning and last for a week or more with proper care. Please pre-order and will deliver with the boxes or have them out at pickup.  $10 for a bundle of 7 stems for CSA members.

In the Box

Packing the boxes.

Most items are 1 each for Half, 2 each for Full. A few items are Full only. Boxes may vary slightly, we do our best to even out the distribution.

Onions  – one small early onion – many more to come!
Cucumbers – time for cucumber salad
Herbs – a bit for a sauce, one of the following: thyme, oregano, marjoram, cinnamon basil
Kale – lancinato this week, but varies – green curly, lancinato and red russian
Cauliflower – lots this week, a bit more next week
Lettuce – that was it – the head lettuce did relatively poorly this year in the heat; we may have one more week.
Salad Mix – still coming
Beans (green, yellow & purple)
Peppers – lots of little hot peppers, and the first bell peppers – these are thinning harvests –  encouraging the plants to produce & ripen larger peppers. in general the big blocky peppers are sweet the long peppers are semi hot and the smaller peppers are hot to very hot.
eggplant – we picked a few of these this week, expect many more in 1-2 weeks
Swiss Chard – plenty more until they dry up!
Carrots – bunches


Peaches, from Domingez Canyon

Coming Soon

Broccoli – lots more
bulb fennel
summer squash
more of the same!

Pictures from the farm

Click to enlarge.

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