2012 CSA Newsletter – Week 6 & 7 – the season rolls on

The Farmers Update

Everything is humming on the farm at this point. Harvest is in full swing, with many hands working at the long harvest tasks – picking the beans, picking the cucumbers, picking the broccoli… the list goes on and on, and the harvest seems endless. But eventually, the heat beats down and we shift to washing produce in the shade of the packing shed – washing, bundling, bunching, bagging & packing.  This week we picked more broccoli than we knew what to with – remember, if we give you too much of something to use, consider freezing part. Most vegetables just need to be blanched (steamed or boiled briefly) then thrown in a freezer bag. This week we also had delicious sweet corn from Austin Family Farms. We will have this again for one or two more weeks. Their olathe location is much warmer than the valley and their corn is a month ahead of mine. And given the water situation, i may not have a corn crop anyway…

This week the water is going to be shut off! This is the earliest I can remember the water going off in the twenty years we have been growing vegetables in Western Colorado. As I mentioned, our three acre feet of pond water will allow me to run an extensive drip system and a few sprinklers. I’ll also be hoping that the afternoon clouds and rain showers persist all thru august. You may see a different mix of crops in the box by late august, with fewer greens and salad – and more of the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions and potatoes i have plenty of. Some local growers will have irrigation water longer than us, so hit them up at the market or your local health food store.

Since we are nearly at the half way point of the harvest season, I think its time to look forward to the rest of the season – here is what to expect:

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage – we should have these for at least another week or two. our fall crop depends on water, so we may not have one unless it rains
Chard & Kale – should continue for at least a couple of weeks, then will end unless it gets rainwater
Beans – these continue for a couple more weeks – enjoy them while we have them!
Beets, Carrots – plenty more of these to come until almost the end – 5-7 weeks more at least
Salad Mix – we should have salad mix for several more weeks, but may not have it as long as most seasons
Onions, Potatoes – we have a strong crop of these full size onions in 2-3 weeks, then onions every week until the end. potatoes will mostly come for the last 4-5 weeks, we will have some early potatoes in a week or two.
Garlic – already picked, we just have to process, we will start putting in boxes soon. medium sized crop.
Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes – these crops are just starting to kick in and will increase dramatically over the next few weeks. a very nice planting, and almost all on drip, these crops don’t need too much water anyway. The tomatoes are just starting – peppers start with giant jalapeños (freeze what you can’t use) and semi-hot anaheim (long slender) types – great for roasting or grilling. Bell peppers will come in a few weeks later.
Cucumbers, Summer Squash – we should have plenty more cukes, plus summer squash starts in earnest in the next week. We will keep these drop watered thru august.
Winter squash, Pumpkins – we have more of some varieties than usual, but the late freeze did put a dent in the quantities. i should have plenty for the csa, but may not have extra for ‘winter’ boxes
Artichokes are starting to come in, we should have these for a few weeks

Payment reminder!!!

All balances are now due. If you did not pay in full, please make sure you pay your balance asap! I will be sending out reminder emails with your balance. Please pay your balance, if you aren’t sure if you have a balance, please email or call me – 970-872-4413. Thanks!

In the Box

Most items are 1 each for Half, 2 each for Full. A few items are Full only. Boxes may vary slightly, we do our best to even out the distribution.

Beans (green, yellow & purple)
Broccoli – ends soon!
Onions  – getting bigger…
Cucumbers – time for cucumber salad (many more coming!)
Artichokes – (some of you got cukes some got chokes this week, next week you will get artichokes if you didn’t get them last week)
Scallions – the end of the scallion crop
Basil – more basil coming this week
Bulb Fennel – Full member only this week
Dill Heads –  (coming this week) – chop up fresh and use in soup, sauce or salad instead of fresh dill greens
Kale – we will keep picking kale & chard until/if it dries out too much!
Cauliflower –   a bit more next week – orange and purple still to come, not a huge crop this yearSalad Mix – still coming
Peppers – lots of little hot peppers, and a few first bell peppers –
Eggplant – we picked a few of these this week, expect many more in 1-2 weeks
Swiss Chard – plenty more until they dry up!
Carrots – bunches
Salad Mix –  did you notice we have had salad every week so far? we love salad too! salad loves water, we have a little water we can use for a bit more salad  – expect a few more weeks.


Plums (Shiros) from Ela Family farms
Cherries (last of the season) from First Fruits

this week:

Plums (Santa Rosas) from Delicious Orchards
Peaches from Delicious Orchards

Coming Soon

summer squash
more of the same!

Pictures from the farm

Click to enlarge.

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