2012 CSA Newsletter – Week 8 & 9 – it feels like fall already

The Farmers Update

A little over a week ago we passed the quarter cross day – half way between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. Those living close to the earth can sense a shift around this time and the season begins falling inevitably into the end of summer. This year, like everything else, fall feels like its coming early. The ditch water is off (and the pond is nearly empty), and the nights and mornings are cooler. Everything seems to be shifting in the field and on the farm.

Abdias is heading back to France, and the students on the crew are heading back to school. The broccoli is just done; the kale and chard seem less abundant (finally!) and the salad mix is done for now (we do have one more section we may be able to pick next week). And the tomatoes are coming on big time!

Fall crops coming on

We picked nearly 300 lb. of tomatoes this week and that means everyone will get a good bit. Early varieties include many roma types  (great for sauce or salsa because they are fairly juice-less) and a good bit of heirloom/slicers – deliciously flavored. We pick all our tomatoes at a pink stage – if we wait until they are fully ripe in the field, they are more likely to have damage and to get damaged when packed in the boxes we deliver. Farm pickup customers may see a bit riper tomatoes along side the less ripe ones. Put these tomatoes on the counter and they will ripen up nicely in a few days. Most of the tomatoes are coming from one bed we have in the hoop house. The four beds in the field are just starting to ripen. Expect lots of tomatoes this fall!

Also in the hoop house an amazing array of peppers, the colored bells are still a week or two off, but lots of yellow bell and lots of anaheim types – great roasted which brings out their sweetness – you can roast a few quickly in the oven or toaster, you will be amazed at the change in flavor.

The Onions are really sizing up and a big patch of leeks awaits the pitchfork. we started picking the potatoes this week – we will have the first potatoes in the box next week and then again for the last month or so of the season.  Summer squash is also starting to increase, but i planted a good amount (after loosing the first planting to a late freeze) so we shouldn’t have TOO MUCh for you! Winter squash still a few weeks off.

Basil bags and also parsley in the boxes this week again, and we have plenty of basil for pesto if you want it please email or call, it will all be over soon so make your pesto and get it in the freezer now!

Payment reminder!!!  All balances are now due.   Please pay your balance, if you aren’t sure if you have a balance, please email or call me – 970-872-4413. Thanks!

In the Box

The turkeys love the field in fall.

Most items are 1 each for Half, 2 each for Full. A few items are Full only. Boxes may vary slightly, we do our best to even out the distribution.

Beans (green, yellow)  -ends soon
Broccoli – that was it
Corn  – a bit more corn from Austin farms, we all love it! my corn is 2 weeks off.
Onions  – getting bigger, we will have these throughout the rest of the season, nearly every week
Cucumbers – time for cucumber salad (many more coming!)
Artichokes – ends soon
Basil – more basil coming this week
Kale – ends soon!
Peppers – more varieties coming soon
Eggplant – another flush  in 2 weeks
Swiss Chard – may end soon
Carrots – lots more coming

White Peaches from First Fruits
Pears, green bartlett from Delicious Orchards

Coming Soon


Pictures from the farm

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