Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter
Week 3, 2007

From the farm:

I have created a farm slide show, if you don’t see the slide show below, check the website gallery page The peas are just beginning to come in, we put a little bit in this week’s box, but expect more peas in the next few weeks. The sugar snap and snow peas come in first – with these you eat the whole pod. The shelling peas are next with fat fiberous pods surrounding the succulent peas. Pop the little peas out. 
Summer squash is really starting to come in in the hoop house, expect more in upcoming boxes.

A note on last week’s boxes:
-The cherries and apricots you have been enjoying are from the recently certified organic orchards in Domingez canyon, a beautiful desert canyon North and West of Delta. This week we will start getting some of the limited crop of cherries from First Fruits orchards. Peaches from Palisade are just beginning to ripen. 

I am continuing to post recipes on the recipe page of the web site. 

This week’s Box zucchini 

Here is what you can expect in the this week’s box…

Baby Salad Greens – tender baby greens, triple rinsed
Kale  – We grow three types: green kale, red russian kale and tuscano or dino kale.

Radishes – the earliest root crop – last week
Head Lettuce – Beautiful head lettuce for a couple more weeks; green and red: romaine, butters, leaf, crisps. Yum!
Basil – from the hoophouse
Peas (new)
Baby beets (new)
Squash  – From the hoop house.
Fruit – Cherries, Apricots (end soon)

Coming soon (in the next 1-3 weeks):
Napa Cabbage
Scallions/Pearl Onions
Dil, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram
Bunched Spinach

Summer Squash – from the hoophouse
Beans – Green, Yellow Purple
Baby Carrots

Fruit – Peaches

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