Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter
Week 4, 2007 

From the farm:

The top question in most people’s minds is when it is vegetable ‘X’ coming in? Its week 4 of 17, so we have 13 more weeks – we are just getting going! by the time you are finished eating your last potato and squash this fall you will hardly remember the abundant lettuce of july – so enjoy!

Here is a rundown the vegetables and their status and expected time of arrival (not exhaustive): 

Tomatoes and melons are just beginning to ripen in the greenhouse the field tomatoes are setting fruit but are the least a few weeks off before ripening, field melons are far behind the hoophouse and will be a fall crop.  
Squash: The  yellow and green zucchini  is already coming in but more varieties will come in over the next few weeks as the field squash begin to ripen.  
Carrots are almost ready and we will start picking baby carrots next week –  full-size carrots in the next few weeks. Carrots last for many, many weeks as we harvest various types and consecutive plantings.
The green (and yellow and purple) beans yellow  are still a couple of weeks off but they look great – expect a big harvest that lasts just a few short weeks. 
The Napa cabbage is almost ready, we should start picking that in the next week or two. 
Also beginning in a few weeks are the brassicas: broccoli, cabbage (green,red), cauliflower (white, orange and purple)
Peppers, cucumbers and eggplant are just beginning to show signs of fruit and are a good five or six weeks off. (we may have a few early cucumbers and eggplant).
Garlic is in short supply this year, our spring planted crop will be ready in a few weeks.
Culinary herbs, like basil’s cilantro dill oregano parsley thyme sage and rosemary are all beginning to be ready, expect a rotating selection of herbs each week; if you don’t use the herbs we give you by the end of the week, just hang the bundle in a cool spot to dry.
Fall crops, which we begin to harvest in mid-September (8 weeks away), include sweet corn, red yellow and white onions, shallots, leeks, potatoes (red, blue, gold and white this year), and winter squash.

Fruit crops:
peaches-Palisade peaches should be ready in about one week.
Paonia at peaches are still a few weeks off.
Paonia apples, plums, pears, and more late-summer.

Flowers… we are just beginning to harvest the flowers expect bouquets in the next few weeks.

Some crops will continue all summer long… these include the cooking greens kale and chard and our baby greens salad mix, which we continually plant for a fresh tender crop.

I am continuing to post recipes on the recipe page of the web site.  Please check there to download and print the latest recipe ideas. Please call or e-mail if you have questions.

This week’s Box:

Here is what you can expect in the this week’s box…

Baby Salad Greens – tender baby greens, triple rinsed.
Chard  – Rainbow nutrition packed bunches.
Beets – Full size, mixed colors: red, golden, stripped (pink) and cylindrical. Steam until juicy sweet. Beets will last a few weeks, enjoy!
Head Lettuce – Beautiful head lettuce for a couple more weeks; This week: red valentine, a fantastic red romaine, and green butter!
Mixed herbs
Peas – Shelling, Snow or Sugar Snap – here they come!
Squash  – From the hoop house, and soon the field.
Fruit – fruit vacation – no fruit this week; we should have palisaide peaches by next week.

Coming soon (in the next 1-3 weeks):
Napa Cabbage
Scallions/Pearl Onions
More herbs
Bunched Spinach
Baby Carrots
Beans – Green, Yellow Purple

Fruit – Peaches from the Palisaide Peach company!

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