Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter
Week 9, 2007

From the farm:
  • Tomatoes – We know everyone is waiting for tomatoes, and they are beginning to ripen. We should have a trickle in the next week or two, then hit the big time for a month or so.
  • Peppers – You’ll find some bell peppers and hot peppers with this week’s box. This is just the very beginning – we are thinning off the extra peppers. We have green and yellow bells so far, but soon these will begin to turn red – if we are lucky.
  • Flowers – flowers are going bonkers and flower shareholders are now getting beautiful sunflowers, gladioli and bouquets. Please call if you want to add the flower option or special order a bouquet.
  • Basil is in full swing, but will end the day we have our 1st light freeze – sometimes in early September. We are now taking orders for bulk basil ($12/lb.) or whole basil plants ($2/bunch) – you pick the leaves off the plant yourself.
  • Fall – I know its still August, but fall is in the air! The heat has lessened, and the crops are starting to lay down their winter skin; winter squash and potatoes are looking great, and the storage onions are coming along well.
What’s coming out of the field?

  • Beans – Wow, it seems like by the time we get to one end of the row its time to start picking again at the other end! Seriously, we’ve been picking beans three times a week, and still can’t keep up. Everyone gets another 3/4 lb. bag this week. If you just can’t make another bean dish, just blanch (steam lightly) and throw them in a bag and into the freezer – they’ll make you happy one day this winter, I promise!
  • Salad – Still fresh and tender! How do we do it? A fresh batch of salad gets planted every week or two, and then watered daily for hours. at the ripe age of around 3-4 weeks, we cut the new batch, keeping it fresh & tender. Salad will continue for at least another month, then taper off as the season ends.
  • Squash – If we could just all eat a little more squash it might put a dent in the harvest! Look for the assorted squash boxes and help yourself! Large sized summer squash are great for stuffing (look for the separate large box) – scoop out the insides, turn into a savory stuffing, and bake. Look, at the squash listing on the recipe page for details.
  • Cucumbers – Ok, they are really coming in now. Assorted varieties – long asian cukes, picking cukes, ‘gerkin’ fuzzy cukes, thin skinned crispy cukes and old fashioned slicers. Try a cucumber salad or soup (check the recipe page).
  • Sweet Corn – The corn so far has been organic/naturally grown corn from Olathe and Delta. This week we started picking our own yellow corn – please note we did no spraying, and you WILL find some worms in our corn. you can chop off the tops (1″ or so) before shucking to get most of the worms. Our bi-color main crop (‘Delectable’) is still a week or two off.

Important Pickup Notes, Questions answered:

  • Do you have a question about the share, season, veggies, pickup or anything else? just hit reply to this email or give us a call.

This week’s probable box:

Here is what you can expect in the this week’s box…

Salad Mix – tender summer greens

Beans – green beans.
Broccoli – more coming this fall.
Carrots, full size

Kale and Chard – leave in extras if you don’t want these!
Onions – more sweet yellow & white onions. Red onions, shallots and leeks coming this fall.
Peppers – Bell & Hot

Squash – yellow pear, yellow straight neck, eight ball, sunburst, crooked neck.
Sweet Corn – from the farm

Fruit – Peaches! First Fruits Organics from Paonia, CO
#2 peaches by the box available, call to order – 970-872-4413.
Apples – Crisp summer apples from First Fruits

Flowers – More gladioli in amazing colors. More bouquets next week.

Coming soon (in the next 1-3 weeks):

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