Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter
Week 10, 2007

From the farm:
  • Fall is in the air on the farm. The mornings are cold, and the Turkeys are staying close to home, feasting on the grasshoppers that thrive in the irrigated fields. The Corn patch, in the far far field beyond the hoophouse, has really come in well. This week, we have a taste of more early yellow corn, but watch out for our main sweet corn crop next week. Its our favorite bi-color (yellow/white kernels) called ‘Delectable’ and this year’s crop looks great, with long 7-9″ ears, and very little sign of the corn worms that you will find in this week’s corn. Looks like the corn will last a few more weeks – a real bang for the end of summer.
  • The potatoes have decided its time to be finished. Ever since I hilled up the plants a month ago, the plants have been in decline. since they have just stopped growing, i’ve decided to pick the crop a little early – watch for potatoes in your box starting next week.
  • The flowers are in full production and the hummingbirds are having a great time in the field. Flower share subscribers get mixed bouquets with Zinnias and more that just shout SUMMER.

What’s coming out of the field?

  • Tomatoes – The tomatoes are finally ripening. A little bit in this weeks box, then more and more for the next few weeks!
  • Peppers – More bell peppers ripening, anaheims, jalapenos and other mild to hot peppers. A few in your box, or pick from the mixed pepper box.
  • Beans – just kidding, the beans are finally done, thank goodness.
  • Salad – Alert – we will have a one week break in salad next week, then we will have it again.
  • Squash – You can be a squash gourmet! Valerie pointed out this great article in the NY times magazine that offers great information on using squash, and offers some exciting recipes including one for Chilled Spiced Yellow-Squash Soup. Here is the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/19/magazine/19food-t.html
  • Cucumbers – Yum! Cucumber salad time.
  • Basil is in full swing, We are still taking orders for bulk basil ($12/lb.) or whole basil plants ($2/bunch) – you pick the leaves off the plant yourself.

This week’s probable box:

Salad Mix – tender summer greens

Carrots, full size
Cabbage, Red
Onions – Red & Yellow
Peppers – Bell & Hot

Squash – yellow pear, yellow straight neck, eight ball, sunburst, crooked neck.
Sweet Corn – from the farm

Fruit – Peaches! First Fruits Organics from Paonia, CO
#2 peaches by the box available, call to order – 970-872-4413.
Apples – Crisp summer apples from First Fruits
Green Bartlett Pears – coming soon

Coming soon (in the next 1-3 weeks):
Winter Squash

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