Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 2

From the Farm

Solstice was just a week ago, and that means the longest days of the year. Growth in the garden this time of year is nothing short of amazing. Everything is growing including the weeds! We are keeping busy with weeding, thinning and now harvest has begun. The field looks great (I’ll try to post some updated photos soon), and we have a great succession of three plantings in the field, meaning an extended harvest for crops like beans, peas, beets and carrots. A good crew has formed to handle the harvest with some old and some new faces.

We encourage visitors and offer tours of the farm. If you pick up at the farm, walk out past the harvest area and just keep walking straight. I try to stay in sight of the harvest area on Friday afternoons if you want a tour or have questions. For those of you getting a box delivery into crested butte, we strongly encourage you to plan at least one visit to the farm – any time in the next three months is probably fine, but call a week ahead so we can plan to be here.

A word about the appearance of your produce: We take a lot of time and care each harvest making sure the produce we bring in from the field is carefully cleaned and processed. We carefully wash everything in domestic water, sometimes double or triple washing to get all the dirt off. You may see some damage to crops that is normal in organic production: holes in the leaves of the radishes for example, or the corn ear worms in the tips of the sweet corn (later in the season), but we try hard to make the produce you receive looks better than the produce you see on a grocery store shelf. Produce is very sensitive to temperature and moisture. If your produce becomes wilted at any point, it can usually be revived be wetting, then placing in a bag in the refrigerator. Please email or call with any concerns!

Questions and Answers

Q: Why didn’t I get Braising Mix (or carrots, or peas)?
A: Each week as I type out this email, I make a best guess at what will be available for the box harvest later in the week. Sometimes what we actually harvest might be a little different than my list, or there might be a shortage of one crop and an abundance of another. As we pack the boxes each week, we try to ensure everyone gets the exact same box, but sometimes (usually as a particular crop is just beginning to ripen) there isn’t enough for everyone. In this case, we substitute another crop, so if you didn’t get carrots you got beets, or if you didn’t get braising mix you got extra baby chard. We also watch the overall dollar value of the box each week to insure you get a great deal for your share fee. Since the first few weeks are slim this year, that means extra big boxes later in the season.

Send me your questions! Need a recipe? We have a recipe page on the website. Want to know when a certain vegetable is coming in? email me!

This Week’s Box

NEW: Beets, baby – a mix of pink (chioggias are striped when cut sideways), red round and red long (cylindrical) beets, mostly the pinkish ones this week because they are sizing up first. Delicious boiled until soft and topped with a little salt.
NEW: Head Lettuce – a rotating mix of Romaine, Green & Red Leaf, butters and summer crisp heads. Head lettuce will last for a month or six weeks, then disappear because it can’t take the heat and ‘bolts’, turning bitter.
NEW: Baby Kale – We will be bunching chard and kale starting next week. Recipes on the website – see cooking greens
Salad Mix – Starting slow, we should have this all season
Cilantro – Enjoy it while we have it, cilantro can’t take the heat of summer and lasts just a few weeks

NEW: Sage – great in beans or meat (lots of info on the web of course )

NEW: Dill – great on fish, in a dressing or dry and use later.

Full Share

Extra head lettuce


extra chard or kale


NEW: Sweet Bing Cherries (for fruit shares) – these are the 1st of the season for our area and come out of established orchards in Domingez canyon, between Delta and Grand Junction. These are ‘2nd year transitional’ meaning they have been under organic cultivation for two years. The Paonia cherries should start in the next week or two and cherries will last a month or more, when the peach harvest begins!

Next Week

Shelling peas
more head lettuce varieties
bunched chard
bunched or bagged spinach

Coming Soon (1-3 weeks)

Bunched Kale & Chard

Sugar Snap Peas
Carrots, Baby
Garlic, dried
Chois (Bak Choi and other types)
Summer Squash

3-5 Weeks
Tons of Peas and Beans

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