Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 7

From the Farm

As I mentioned last week, everything seems to be coming on at once. Some crops, like broccoli, cabbage and cucumbers are just starting to trickle in, while others like summer squash are starting to go bonkers! Because of the limited supply on some items, some people will get one item, while other people get a different item, or full shares may get an item that half shares don’t get. Don’t worry – as the weeks progress, everyone will get every item!

RAIN! Unbelievably, we have had a couple of solid downpours this last week, bringing much needed water to every square inch of the field (irrigation only goes so far), cleaning the leaves of dust and even bringing a dose of fertilizer to the entire farm. Most people don’t realize that lightning storms of the Nitrogen Cycle (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen_cycle) – I had been a farmer for many years before i got the good news – lightning storms fix atmospheric nitrogen into a form available for plants! Last year an intense lightning storm actually produced a noticeable ‘boost’ to the entire field. Its a mixed blessing though, because in our area, lightning usually brings the risk of fire as well, and the last two seasons we have had medium sized fires that were close, scary and threatening. Fortunately, these recent storms were accompanied by a healthy rainfall, and the fire risk is now very low.

The flowers are in full bloom. We have beautiful Gladiolli, unbelievable Sunflowers bred as cut flowers, snapdragons and zinnias with intense colors and fragrances, plus fillers like statice and amaranth. Please call the farm to place an order before Thursday night: flowers are $10/bundle – let us know what colors or types you prefer, or ask for a mix.

Questions and Answers

Q: Where are the extras?
A: Coming this week or next, look for an “Extras” box in the pickup area. Take anything you want from the extras, and put anything in your box you don’t like in the extras for another shareholder to grab.

Send me your questions! Need a recipe? We have a recipe page on the website. Want to know when a certain vegetable is coming in? confused about something in your box? email me!

This Week’s Box

Chard or Kale – great for you, these greens will move to the extras area in the next week or two
Carrots or Beets, Carrots slowly sizing up (many more to come), beets continue – our last bed next week.
Head Lettuce – nearly the end of the lettuce season, but the cool weather is helping extend the harvest.
Salad Mix – yum – we may be a little short on salad for the next week, but more is coming.
Scallions – a bumper crop this year, enjoy these delicious fresh onions
Beans – Green, Purple & Yellows – delicious
Peas – snow peas are still coming in
Broccoli – lots starting to come in, just starting
Cucumbers – just starting
Squash – Zuchinnis first, with pattypan, crooked neck and other types to follow – many many more coming!
Cabbage – just starting – we have green, red, savoy (like green but with crinckled leaves) and napa (or chineese) cabbage
Basil – a little bit for flavor, call about pesto quantities – note: wash immediately before using, we can’t wash the basil for you because it will blacken in storage unless completely dry. the early basil is always a bit dirty because the plants are short and the leaves we harvest are close to the ground.

Full Share

Extra heads lettuce

Beans – extra

Kale, chard – extra

Beets – or carrots – extra


Apricots – from First Fruits of Paonia

Peaches – certified organic 1st of the season from Austin Farms, Paonia

Coming Soon (1-3 weeks)

Summer Squash – more
Broccoli – more
onions – more
Cucumbers – more
Olathe Organic Sweet Corn (of we can get it)
tomatoes – from another local natural grower who didn’t have a spring freeze like we did

3 or more Weeks




Winter Squash




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