Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 8

This week I asked our intern Valentin to contribute to the newsletter. Valentin has is a French agricultural student and here as part of his school program. He has been the hardest working, most interested and engaged intern we have ever had. Here is what he wrote (small edits):

From the Farm

after rain, the beautiful weather came; because of the big rain storm the irrigation canal breached and now the canal for the irrigation is totally dried – fortunately we have water from the pond (the ditch is expected to be out a full week in all). they work very hard to fix it and we hope water come back for irrigate again the field because plants are beginning to feel tired (they are getting watered, but not the usual long soakings they love because we are conserving the water we do have). you can follow the construction on this website:


some vegetables miss like tomatoes but they come soon; the frozen in june was the worst thing what happened for them and now they grow slowly; another vegetables artichokes they have a lot of leaves and they look great but the flower don’t want come !!
we bought two different kind of corn for csa this week; one bicolor white-yellow corn from an naturally grown farm and another (‘Olathe Sweet’) yellow corn from a certified organic farm, but our corn come soon, maybe 2 weeks. (we have two large plantings of our corn favorites: ‘delectable’ – a super-sweet bicolor and ‘silver queen’ a large eared, white, old fasioned corn with a great corn flavor. our corn should last 2-3 weeks)

this week’s box :

  • 1 chard or kale – great for you; if you take chard and you see leaves look bad you can cook the stalk

  • 2 garlic head for half and 4 for full- dry head good with pesto(basil and garlic) or the french chef can give a good simple recipe… (basil special order available, call the farm)

  • 1 bag of brocolli- first of the season.

  • 1 bag of peas- maybe the last one so enjoy it(shelling or snow)

  • 3 corn half and 5 corn full- round earth corn in 2-3 weeks

  • 1 beets bunch-yummy, red, stripe, golden (thats all for beets!)

  • 1lettuce- the last of the season

  • no salads bag!!! (there will be more)

  • beans- yummmm!! green, purple and yellow; so if you think they are too big, cut in 2 part(half-half).(cf, french recipe) full 2 half 1 bag

  • zuchinni-summer squash- a lot, so 2 for half and 4 for full (farm pickup more next week)

  • 1 cucumber half- 2 full in a salad with a vinaigrette(from french for sure!!!)

  • chives, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme- take one bunch

  • onions-1 half and 2 full, first !

fruit share:

  • 1 bag of peaches-from paonia; yum in the special french pie(cf, french recipe)

  • 1 bag of apricots-from paonia;mega yummy in the special french pie or clafoutis or flan(cf, french recipe)

comming soon in your box:

  • corn-popcorn?,multicolor and ornamental; 1-2 weeks
  • eggplants, peppers, tomatoes
  • pepper
  • potatoes
  • winter squash
  • more cabbage
  • cauliflower – white, yellow, purple
  • onions: red, white, yellow
  • shallots
  • Fruit Share: Apples, Pears, Plums, Lots more Peaches

french stuff recipe:

pie crust:

2 cup of wheat flour
1 bar of salted butter(100 grams approximately)
flavor in option; lemon zest or lime zest, vanilla, cannella
10 grams of water so 10 ml of water

mix butter and flour,with your hand.
put your option flavor
when the pie crust look like sand, put the water and mix.
then don’t mix a lot!!! make a ball and put in a fridge for 30 min or 1 hour.

peache pie:

4 beautiful peaches
some sugar
some almond or walnut(french advice: whole almond and you ground it with your hand)

put the pie crust with weight on it and do some hole with a fork, put on the oven for 10-15 min at 375F, when the pie it’s little brown, take out the oven.
cut the peaches in thin slice and put on pie.
after 10 min at 375F put some sugar on the top of the pie.

apricots flan:

– 600 g apricots 5-6 apricots
– 5 eggs
– 50 g of sugar
– 20 cl cream(half-half)
– 10 cl milk
– some almonds

mix eggs, sugar; then milk and cream with a whip.
take out the pest of apricots and cut half and half, then put apricots in a dish.
put the mix on apricots. put some almond on the top.

advice, you can put a pie crust on the bottom;yummy!!!
you can put some flavor like vanilla or grand marnier.

french beans with garlic and parsley:

1 lbs of beans
2 garlic(not head)
1 bunch of parsley
salt, pepper

boiled beans in a dish with salt.
cut garlic in thin slice or crush it.
when beans are ready, put in another dish with some butter salt and pepper.
cook 5 or more min on low fire.
cut the parsley in thin slice, put the parsley at the last moment; it’s important don’t cook parsley because the flavor go out!!

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