Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – 2008, Week 10

On the farm

I’m getting this newsletter out a little late this week. Things are shifting to fall on the farm and I can’t seem to catch up with everything!

Oh the cauliflower – this week we picked the 1st fluch of yellow (cheddar), purple (graffiti) and white. I thing everyone got some of the cheddar, more of the purple and white to come in the next few weeks.

The corn looks fantastic, fully tassled, big beautiful ears just aren’t quite ready. I’m giving them one last watering and they will be sweet and ready some time next week. After that, we’ll have a few (3-4) solid weeks of corn.

The tomatoes are slowly starting to ripen, and i may have some for you from the farm by next week or the week after. The peppers started getting picked this week – tey are just starting to come in. Summer squash is peaking, and the squash bugs are making headway in some of the squash beds. Miraculously, on of the squash beds remains squash bug free! Its making big, beautiful green zucchinis.

The ditch has come back and we are watering like mad. A few more weeks until fall sets in for real, but the mornings and evenings are already cool.

Crested Butte share – note that I forgot to bring the extras last week, sorry there was no kale or chard, it was with the extras. I will send extras with the delivery this week.

Tomatoes last week from a nearby farm, ours are slowly ripening.

A quick note on all the plastic bags in the CB boxes – we bag everything to keep it fresh (produce must stay moist and cold), but we can’t reuse the ones you send back – please reuse them in your own house or community.

This week’s box (probable box)

Salad Mix – the new bed is coming in, tender salad continues!
Broccoli – tons coming in now
Cauliflower – white, orange (‘cheddar’) or purple (‘grafitti’) – more to come
Chard or Kale – now in the extras area
Summer Squash – Zucchini & Patty pan
Cucumbers – really coming in now
Carrots – they just keep coming
Onions – yellows this week, reds next week
Garlic – keep saving this up!
Cabbage – green (red coming soon)

Fruit Share


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