Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – 2008,

Last of the Season

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On the farm

We have two  weeks of CSA left.  The last pickup at the farm will be Fri. Oct. 10th. The last delivery to Crested Butte will be Sunday, October 12th.

This week we picked the ornamental corn (we’ll process it for you by next week), the leeks, and more broccoli and cauliflower and kale.  Amazingly it still hasn’t frozen and some of the tomato plants have decided to make ripe tomatoes. I’ll dole those out as I can.

We picked the last of the cabbage this week, you’ll all get that one more time. We are leaving the last of the carrots for next week – expect some huge storage carrots in the final box.

Cucumbers and squash are done, and we are still letting the butternut and other winter squash ripen, with no freeze to kick them into ripening they are just growing and mostly sitting there. I did pick some acorn squash this week, but it and all the other winter squash deserve a little ripening before you eat them. let the acorn, delacata and next weeks winter squash sit on a kitchen or cupboard for at least a week before you eat them!

We keep digging onions, as they size up, and we dug ALL the potatoes (there weren’t that many unfortunately, it wasn’t a great crop this year. You should get potatoes in the last two boxes, and plenty of onions.

This week’s box (probable box)

Broccoli – still coming,
Cauliflower – orange (‘cheddar’) or purple (‘graffiti’) – still a bit more
Kale – chard is nearly spent!
Carrots – still more
Onions –  white, yellow & red onions
Garlic – keep saving this up!
Cabbage – green, red & savoy
Sweet Corn – Delectable bi-color, the peak for our corn – chop the end 1″ off before shucking if you feel a wormy tip.

Fruit Share
Apples – Galas
Pears – Red Bartlett
This is the last week on fruit, hope you enjoyed the Santa Rosa plums from Ela Family Orchards last week, what a treat!

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