CSA 2013 Newsletter Week 2 – spring greens continue

I hope you aren’t tired of greens yet, because this week we continue with the same type of vegetables as last week. We do have some beautiful new varieties of head lettuce, including green and red butter and green and red oakleaf. We also had radishes for everybody to get a bunch this week, the … Continue reading “CSA 2013 Newsletter Week 2 – spring greens continue”

Here Comes Harvest Season 2013!

Read on for first pickup details, what’s in the box and recent farm pictures… First Pickup Details Important: please read the details below and call or email if you have any questions. Farm phone number is 970-872-4413. First harvest pickup and delivery dates – Farm Pickup starts Friday June 21st – 3-7pm Marble/Redstone pickups starts Saturday … Continue reading “Here Comes Harvest Season 2013!”

2012 CSA Newsletter – Week 1 ~ Here we go VEGETABLES!

The Farmers Update This year we are starting with a bang – we have many crops all coming in all at once, in part because we have had a hot strong spring and everything is a little early this year (about a week or two). Check below to see whats in the box, and enjoy … Continue reading “2012 CSA Newsletter – Week 1 ~ Here we go VEGETABLES!”

2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 6 – off to the river!

From the Farm Just a quick note this week – I’m writing quickly because we are heading off to the Rio Chama for a family float, slipping away between harvests! The field looks just fantastic this year, its really exceptional. Come visit and take a walk thru the field any time! Lots more coming in … Continue reading “2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 6 – off to the river!”

2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 5 – here comes summer

On the Farm Harvest has begun to take over all our time on the farm. This week we started picking the garlic in earnest (pictures below) – we will process and dry this (great!) crop and start putting it in your box in around 2 weeks. For now we have more green garlic. Lots more … Continue reading “2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 5 – here comes summer”

2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 3 – State of the Farm

The State of the Farm Post Each year around this time I like to give a detailed report of the crops we have this year and what and when you might expect them. An alphabetical list will follow, but first here are some pictures from the main field, showing how far the crops have progressed! … Continue reading “2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 3 – State of the Farm”

2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 2 – the lull before the storm

Away and Back This week, I left the farm for a quick trip out to visit my mother in North Carolina. I was gone for a total of 5 nights, and the most striking thing upon returning is the amount everything has grown in less than a week.  Its always this way in the end … Continue reading “2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 2 – the lull before the storm”


Recipes From Fresh & Wyld Thanks to Chef Dava Parr for these wonderful recipes – http://freshandwyld.com/ Printable Recipes by Vegetable from Farmer John Thanks to Farmer John Recipe Service for these recipe pages! Bulb Fennel Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Cooking Greens Cucumbers Green Beans Eggplant Garlic Herbs Kohlrabi Leeks Melons Onions & Scallions Peppers Potatoes Radishes /Turnips Summer … Continue reading “Recipes”

Turkey Hill Newsletter – 2009-6

  Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 6 Notes From the Farm The farm has been busy with the transition from spring to summer. We are clearing out the old spring beds – spinach, carrots, beets & replanting some with fall onions, beets and more salad. Lots of tilling down weedy old beds, and lots … Continue reading “Turkey Hill Newsletter – 2009-6”

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