Chilly Spring Updates, Planting News, Delivery Information

Spring in the Rockies

I probably don’t have to tell you this – residents of Western Colorado have all noticed the extended cold (and wind!) this spring. We have had several cold storms come thru, including one cold snap with 28 degree night time temperatures that froze some of our early cabbage & broccoli transplants – very hardy plants –  in the second week of May! Although these plants are very hardy, we had just transplanted them and they weren’t fully established. In fact, an earlier planting of broccoli took the same cold with almost no damage. Do not dispair! Losing crops from time to time is part of farming and in this case its easy to replant to make up for the lost transplants. In fact, we’ve been very busy seeding…

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Seeding Extravaganza!

Seeding continues in the greenhouse with the last of the lettuce, broccoli, chard & kale going in, plus flat after flat of large seeded summer crops: winter squash, summer squash, melons & cucumbers. I usually plant these large seeded crops directly into the ground – and I still will – but starting a flat of each variety in the greenhouse will help ensure success. Last year our squash plantings were very slow to emerge in the cold field soil and because of this we struggled to weed them and in the end squash bugs killed much of the crop (winter & summer squash). I’m determined to make this a better year for squash and the greenhouse pre-seeding is part of this effort.

In the field I just planted my second (of three) large field direct sow sections. This recent section is just under an acre and I seeded Peas (sugar snap, snow and shelling), green beans (yellow & purple bush beans too), spinach, chard, carrots (six types), cilantro, dill, cucumbers beets (several varieties – red, orange, stripped and specialty dark red baby beats)  and more. The earlier seeding is up and we are on track to start harvest soon!

Harvest and Delivery

CSA harvest will start one week later than last year due to the slow spring. The first farm pickup will be Friday, June 18th. Deliveries to Crested Butte will remain on Sundays starting Sunday June 20th; we are still determining the Redstone/Marble/Carbondale delivery day, but it looks like Fridays (or Saturdays) will be the day – email me your feedback on the delivery day & location!

We need a minimum count in each area to make these deliveries work, so please send in your signup forms so we can finalize the delivery points. Gunnison members may have there boxes delivered at the farmers market. We still have room to accept more members!

Fresh Herbs All Summer

In addition to the rotating herbs in your CSA box (something different every week!), this year we are growing a bunch of 4″ pots of various herbs. These are a bonus part of the CSA this year – our way of saying thanks for joining. We will have the herb plants at the farm and in the delivery truck for the 1st few weeks of harvest (you have to meet the truck). Every member can choose an assortment, take them home to plant into a windowsill planter, pot or garden. This is the best way to have fresh herbs on hand throughout the summer just when you need them!

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