CSA 2013 Newsletter Weeks 5 & 6 – here comes summer!


Everything is happening at once and I got a little behind, so this newsletter covers weeks 5 & 6 (last week and this week).

What herbs are those? One CSA member emailed to find out what the herbs in last week’s box were. I can’t tell you for sure because every box got dill, but the rest got one or more (fulls) of several different herbs – thyme (small tight bundles), oregano (long leafy branches in bundles), basil or flavored basil (zip-top bags), chives (everyone got those the previous week) or parsley. dill and cilantro are mostly done for the season.

A crop update  –  We have had some incredible heat this summer and a few rainstorms as well. The main field crops are slowly catching up, but everything is a bit later than usual. It does look like we will have sweet corn this week from Austin farms, and cucumbers and squash are shifting from a trickle to a flood as we shift from early planting to main plantings over the next few weeks.

The first broccoli is ready this week, and I have more than the usual amount planted so it should be abundant later in the season. ( Note: the early broccoli is often not quite as nice as the later harvests which happen in the cooling weather of fall).

Along with the broccoli, Cabbage is almost ready and we may pick some small ones for the CSA in a week or so, just to give you some – more in later boxes.

We started picking onions last week, sweet white ‘Sierra Blancas’. The were a little small, but we have thousands of onions planted and I knew you would appreciate some. The rest of the garlic is getting harvested this week for packing next week, and we will have scallions this week (one week only)! Regular onions continue next week for most of the rest of the season.

I dug up a few feet of  potato row and wasn’t impressed; the plants look incredible, but the potatoes themselves aren’t ready. I will try again for early potatoes in a couple of weeks, or see if I can get some from another local grower.

Cucumbers are coming in well, but we are only picking the early varieties we have planted in the hoop-house. The field varieties start next week and we have a much larger planting there, so get your cucumber salad recipes ready. Last week I included picking cukes (which are a little tougher than slicers) because there weren’t many slicers, but this is unusual. If you want picklers for pickling, email me for a 10 or 20lb. box.

Summer squash is starting and we will have a steady, but hopefully not overwhelming supply of zucchini, yellow sunburst and middle eastern summer squash. Winter squash looks great this year, needed some thinning actually! Covering the squash early with floating row cover kept the squash bugs away and although i see them now, the squash have a huge head start.

Eggplant, peppers and tomatoes all look good although it will be a while before we have many ripe tomatoes. We have a nice melon crop so we should have those for a couple of weeks late in the season.

Did I miss anything? email me your questions!

A slideshow tells the story – click any image to start the full screen slideshow!

Week 5 & 6 ~ In the Box –

  • Rainbow Chard
  • Kale
  • salad mix – plentiful
  • fresh or dried garlic
  • beets
  • carrots (sizing up for a week)
  • eggplant
  • peas
  • beans – green, purlpe & yellow fresh beans
  • squash – more and more
  • FRUIT:  cherries from First Fruits, Peaches from Domingez canyon
  • broccoli (first bits week 6, lots more to come)
  • onions, more and more all season
  • scallions
  • peppers
  • sweet corn
  • cucumbers
  • herbs – basil, flavored basils, chives, parsley, thyme, oregano

coming soon:

  • potatoes
  • melon
  • cabbage
  • more peppers – sweet & spicy
  • tomatoes

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