CSA 2013 Newsletter Week 2 – spring greens continue

I hope you aren’t tired of greens yet, because this week we continue with the same type of vegetables as last week. We do have some beautiful new varieties of head lettuce, including green and red butter and green and red oakleaf. We also had radishes for everybody to get a bunch this week, the purple large round radishes are surprisingly sweet. If you find radishes too spicy, try cutting them very thinly and adding to a salad.

Don’t worry – we have plenty of summer crops ahead: corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers & more are all in store!

We got more kale this week, so everybody gets at least one bag. We also have early summer squash this week from Austin farms – our own squash is still a few weeks off. the garlic just isn’t quite ready, but we picked a little ‘green’ immature garlic anyway (full members). We have more spinach this week and the cilantro has sized up enough to bunch. we picked the kohlrabi, some hasn’t sized up so i’m not certain we have enough for everyone this week (if not we will give those who missed it kohlrabi next week). whats kohlrabi, you ask? check my past newsletters for more! we should have beets starting next week.

Some pictures from packing last week’s box and from the field!


Ironing out the kinks!

Please let me know if you had any troubles with the delivery last week. I want to correct any mistakes I may have made quickly!

Cherries! I have confirmed that i will be able to get cherries for at least one or two weeks. I won’t have them this week, but should by week 3’s deliveries. These will be delicious fruit from First Fruits in Paonia and we are lucky to get them!


Week 2 –

note: full members may get doubles, half members may not get all items

  • Rainbow Chard
  • Baby Kale (Bagged)
  • Spinach
  • Head lettuce – assorted mini sleeved  green & red butter, green & red oakleaf
  • salad mix
  • radishes
  • cilantro
  • early green garlic
  • summer squash (Austin farms)

coming soon:

  • peas (sugar snap &  shelling)
  • broccoli
  • baby beets
  • baby carrots
  • bunched kale, dino kale, red russian kale
  • beans – green, purple and yellow

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