First Harvest Details & Open House – Updates!

First Harvest Pickup & Delivery Details

Early Bok Choi, nearly ready

What will be in the first few boxes: Bok Choi, Lettuce, Salad, Radishes, Chives, Green Garlic, Spinach, Chard, Kale, Peas, Cilantro & more…

The first harvest pickup and delivery dates will be as follows

  • Farm Pickup starts Friday June 22nd
  • Marble/Redstone pickups starts Saturday June 23rd
  • Gunnison delivery starts Saturday June 23rd
  • Crested Butte delivery starts Sunday June 24th
At the bottom are details for each pickup area – please read the section for your area below carefully so you understand the procedure before you arrive.

CSA Member Open House & Early Produce

We will be holding an open house for CSA members on Thursday June 14th  – members can come any time that day by RSVPing by phone at 872-4413.  I suggest visiting in the morning around 11am if you can make it. Visit the farm, tour the early fields and take home a bag of produce from our earliest harvest. That week we will be doing a ‘pre-harvest’ the week before the CSA starts to make sure we have everything we need for the first week.

On The Farm

Planting Crew

The early crops all look great. Nearly everything came up strong and everything is growing well. The planting is nearly complete – this week we will transplant our remaining starts and I will get my final big direct seeding in the ground. I have inserted a gallery at the bottom of the post that shows the crops progress and a few interesting details. We did have a late freeze in the valley Memorial day weekend, but fortunately we scraped by with very little damage. We did loose a few of our early transplanted squash, but these are easy to replace in my next direct seeding.

The next two weeks are our opportunity to get ahead of the weeds, thin all the crops that need thinning like carrots, beets, peas and beans, and get the harvest area ready for the harvest season. Once we start in with harvest, its hard to get back to the many projects on the farm.

What about your Water?

This year we experienced a very dry winter and spring, leaving us with little snowpack to feed the summer irrigation season. Still – it looks like we will have water for most of our usual season. We are carefully monitoring the snow melt to see when the irrigation system has to start drawing on the reservoir. The reservoir contains around 60 days of water, and our large pond contains another few weeks of irrigation water. If we get some more overcast days (which prolong the snowmelt) or any precipitation between now and then, the season will be extended.

If we do run out of water early some crops like fall greens may suffer. We’ll try to make up for this by giving you plenty of greens while we have plenty of water and you may be getting more winter squash, onions and potatoes that in past years. These crops will do fine even if the water ends sooner than usual.

Pickup Area Instructions

Please read carefully and call or email if you have any questions.

All Members –  please return any totes or boxes; the gray boxes collapse into a much smaller size, press two thumb locks to collapse. Please do not return bags, we cannot reuse them. Please reuse or accumulate and take to City Market for recycling.

  • Farm Pickup – The farm is located on Powell Mesa Rd.  outside Hotchkiss (new members please call for directions), pickups are Friday 3-7pm – read the board when you arrive, take a box and bags and take your produce. I will be around the first few weeks to get you oriented.; If you need to come earlier or later, please call the farm (872-4413) and we will box up your produce and put it in the walk-in, first door on our right – please close door hard until it clicks.
  • Gunnison – Mark from Thistle Whistle Farm will be bringing your boxes to the Montrose farmers market.   Please thank him and buy some of his yummy veggies.
  • Crested Butte – Hosted by Stacee Vanaremen at 421 White Rock. Deliveries are Sundays 11am-11:30am (the truck will be there by 11am and leave after 11:30am). If you can’t meet the truck we will leave your box on the shaded porch on the right of the building. Your produce needs refrigeration! if you can’t pick it up by 11:30, consider having a friend come and get it and put it in your fridge. Please help keep Stacee’s porch as neat as possible between pickups, thanks!
  •  Marble/Redstone – standard pickup time is Saturday mornings, your boxes will be inside the walk-in, first door on our right – please close door hard until it clicks. All boxes will be labeled with an [M] for Marble. If you know exactly when you are coming please email or call ahead so I can meet you. Contact Gina ( to find out your pickup slots.

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