Here comes the Bounty 2015

Harvest is just a few weeks away, don’t delay in signing up for the CSA. A $250 deposit assures your spot this season.

In go the plants!

Its been a while since I last wrote an update. We have been busy planting out the crops and only a few flats remain on the hardening off tables: everything will be in by the end of this week.


Time to sign up!!!

If you still haven’t signed up for a CSA for this summer, don’t hesitate! Now is your chance to get in of the crops from the very beginning. Harvest is just a couple of weeks off! To sign up, send your check ($250 minimum) to PO Box 969 * Hotchkiss, CO 81419.

Speaking of beginning, what can we expect as the harvest begins in mid June?


Greens, bountiful greens! It all starts with the greens – salad mix with slight variations every week. Maybe two bags a week to start off! Kale and Chard will also start early, and continue on a nearly weekly basis all summer. Along with salad we will have a few weeks of early radishes, likely the only radishes of the season.

Other early greens include spicy mix with tat tsoi, arugula, mizana and mustard greens. And spinach! Tender bunched or loose spinach will be a regular item thru the early season.

Next come the peas: snow peas look great this year, had some poor germination on the early sugar snaps. Shelling peas come a bit later and also look great.

Also in the early weeks: baby beets and carrots. We grow a special variety of beets for baby beets and they are delicious! Scallions will also make an early appearance.


We’ll have some early herbs as well: cilantro and dill. Later herbs will include a rotation of basil (lots of basil!), thyme, oregano and chives.


Thats most of what we will see in June as we head towards early summer crops in July: head lettuce of all sorts, carrots, green beans, broccoli, leeks, bok choi, and more herbs: oregano, thyme, chives, parsley and plenty of basil.

FullSizeRender 3

By July, we start to get into early summer crops: onions, early squash and cucumbers and green beans. Yummmmmmmm…

So DON’T DELAY – sign up for the 2015 season today!

Questions? Call Adam on his cell: 970-201-5309



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