Here Comes the Season!

Early Signup Discount Ends May 1st

The early signup discount is our way of saying thank you for taking the leap into this season with us. As we plant, prepare the fields and lay out the irrigation, harvest still seems a ways off – but we all know it will be here soon. If you can afford to pay up front and are planning to join the CSA this summer, NOW is the time to act – you’ll get 10% off your veggies for the season. Click Here to Sign Up!

Greenhouse Zone

The greenhouse has been rapidly filling up, and the earliest flats are bursting at their seems waiting to get out and into the field. Take a look at these pictures and you will see what I mean (click to enlarge & view slideshow):

Each one of the long black trays in the pictures holds 276 cells, and each cell has a single transplant. It takes just a few trays of say broccoli to fill an entire 300’x5′ bed in the field (about 750 plants). Its an amazing process watching the packed transplants spread out into a much larger area in the field, then grow to fill in this area. The 600 sq feet of heated space in the seed house turns into acres in the field.

Field Prep, Seeding & Irrigation

The irrigation water has arrived! That means its time to hook up the sprinklers and start making and planting beds. Earliest to go out will be the 1st crops we seeded – onions, leeks, artichokes, kale, chard, chois (joi choi, mei quin choi), broccoli, cabbage and lettuce. All these are now will be planted from transplants weathering out the current storms in the warm greenhouse.

Along with that I will be doing my first large direct seeding – usually about a third of an acre, mainly peas (sugar, snow and shelling), carrots, beets, cilantro, dill, salad mix & spinach. These crops grow fast and will be some of the 1st week pick in around two months – late June.  Did I mention something you love? I hope so, because there will be a lot of it this summer and we still need your signup!

More updates from  the field soon, stay tuned!


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