IN go the crops – May 22, 2011!

Plant, Plant Plant!

The last few weeks have been extremely busy – planting out the thousands and thousands of tender seedlings we have been growing in the greenhouse since the beginning of March. We ended April and started May with a series of storms that brought some wickedly cold temperatures to Western Colorado.

In between the storms I disced and spaded in the field and gathered crews to plant! I also did quite a bit of direct seeding, planting about a half acre of carrots, spinach, peas, beets, cilantro, dill, scallions, salad mix and radishes. The  transplants so far include broccoli, cabbage (red & green), cauliflower (white, orange and purple!), kale, chard, shallots (several types), onions, artichokes, lettuces (red & green romaines, butters, oak leafs & more!).  Many more transplants await warmer conditions, but will go out in the next few weeks – cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, melons, squash, flowers, basils and more.

Harvest Starts Soon – What to Expect

Future farmer in training

Its a little hard to imagine in these cold days of spring, but the CSA harvest will start in around  the third week of June (I will email and call before the 1st harvest & delivery).  It has been a particularly cold & extended spring and this is having an effect on our planting schedule. Because of this I expect to start harvest a little later and (late june, not mid June) and for the first few weeks – not that much variety, but lots of  salad mix, spinach, radishes (lots of varieties this year!), baby braising mix (chard/mustard), green garlic, dill & cilantro. As we settle into July, a number of other crops will start coming in – head lettuces, baby beets, sugar snap and shelling peas, baby chois – (tat soi, mei quing choi) carrots (baby sized at first) and the chard and kale will start coming in! By mid July we will start having Broccoli, Napa Cabbage, Scallions, early onions, and much more. the rest of the crops of summer will be just around the corner. To get a better idea of how the season progresses, you can review the entire 2010 season of boxes at this address:

The Bounty is Coming – Signups Still Available

Another view of the first beds we transplanted this year.

The fields already look great this year and the harvest is shaping up to be  incredibly bountiful this summer. We have just over thirty members signed up for the 2011 season, and would like to get closer to 50. That means we have just four weeks to sign up 20 more members by the time we start harvest in late June. Please help spread the word about our program to get your friends, co-workers or neighbors to sign up. Tell them to go to the website to sign up. If you live in the North Fork Valley, our CSA is a great way to enjoy the bounty of the North Fork at a great price; if you live in Crested Butte you can use the money you save on your veggies by signing up for the CSA to splurge on some extra items at the Farmers Market after you pick up your box each Sunday morning. Either way, the CSA is a great way to eat local at a great price – its a commitment to the farm and to yourself to eat well this summer!

Check out the View

Here are some recent pictures, with captions, of activity on the farm – best viewed full screen, look for the icon in the lower right of the slide show.

[slidepress gallery=’spring2011c’]




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