June 1, 2013 Farm/Harvest Updates – I believe I am ahead!

SO MUCH has happened on the farm in the last few weeks it is startling.

Lots of people suddenly wanted to help out on the farm and we had several huge planting days, with eight or more people helping out.

We had two consecutive visits from large groups of Crested Butte CSA members trading for their produce – coming down for the weekend they put in long days paying off most or all of their summer produce & fruit! Many huge tasks were accomplished, including planting the two large hoop houses we use to grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, melons and more.

Then a couple of other large crew days at the farm and everything was in. Soon I had my direct seeding completed as well. Interestingly, I was a little behind on planting just a month ago as cold, wet weather kept us out of the fields in April.

The big task for the next few weeks is WEEDING and my weeding crew is up for task, continually crossing the field with hoes to keep down the burgeoning weed populations… for the most part weeding is complete by July –  once most crops are established, their planting pattern forms a canopy that keeps weeds from growing.

First Harvest Update

Note that I will email with complete details and call each of you to confirm your membership type and details foor the first week of pickup/delivery.

Currently first harvest is planned for the following dates:

Farm – Friday June 21st; Marble/Redstone & Gunnison – Saturday June 22nd; Crested Butte – Sunday June 23rd

That means there is still time – if you have not signed up yet or have a friend you think may be interested there is still time to sign up before the first harvest!

Come Visit

We encourage all of our out of town CSA members to plan a visit at least once during the growing season – and local pickup members are encouraged to walk into the fields!

For now here’s some pictures so you can see what’s been going on, click any image to start a large slideshow:


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