Spring 2013 April Updates

So much happens in the spring, its hard to keep track of everything. Don’t forget to sign up for the CSA before summer is here!

Here is an overview of spring tasks:

  • greenhouse work, everything is looking great and we are almost done with the planting
  • field prep – everything is disced down once and some areas are being prepped for cover crops while others are readied for planting
  • hoop-houses – cleanup old plastic that finally died, cover with new plastic; clean out old plants, re-dig plant holes & fill with compost – ready for planting
  • extra early planting: potatoes & onions
  • early plantings: broccoli, kale, chard, lettuce, peas, beets, carrots, peas, scallions, salad mix, cilantro, chives & more!
  • set up the irrigation system, set out pipes, clean out mouse nests

Here is a little gallery of recent farm photos to get you dreaming of summer; click on any photo to see a large slide show. Enjoy the pictures!

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