Spring crops give way to summer

Its week three, and we are finishing up the spring crops and starting to see the early summer crops.

Pictures below!

This week

New this week we have baby beets, also purple and green snow peas and assorted herbs including chives, basil and the last of the spring cilantro.

We’ve also got tons of beautiful head lettuce this week (green and read butters) that all seem to want to come in at once. We will have lettuce for a week or two more and salad mix most of the season with some occasional breaks.

Whats to come

Our squash and cucumber crops look good and should start producing in the next couple of weeks. Also coming soon: broccoli, carrots, more beets, shelling peas and beans.

We will have a late sweet corn crop on the farm, and will fill in in the next few weeks with sweet corn from our friends the Austins. The tomatoes, melons, eggplant and peppers all look very happy – they are planted in the hoop house and love the extra heat and weed free environment. Yum, I  can’t wait until the yellow watermelons are ready, those are my favorite!

Really last chance

We will close off the CSA after next week, so if you know of anyone who is considering joining, this is the last chance to join for the 2015 season. Last chance signups, please call 970-201-5309.

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