Summer marches on!

In Now:

The last several weeks have seen an abundance of crops enter the weekly box, and the veggies just keep coming! I hope you have been enjoying the abundance, especially this year’s bumper artichoke crop!

We’ve had watermelons (and now cantaloupe), spicy mix, more head lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage, full sized carrots & beets, new potatoes, colored bell peppers and full size eggplant.

Coming up:

The tomatoes are just starting and should start accumulating in the next few weeks. The zucchini has, I think thankfully, reached its peak. Carrots will continue weekly, beets every other week. We have more head lettuce and fall plantings of tender salad mix coming, as well as a long fall of colored bell peppers, onions, potatoes and an excellent looking winter squash crop, most of which will arrive at the very end – in early October.


We do have some delacata and acorn squash thats almost ready, and some baby pumpkins that aren’t far behind. We have two field plantings of sweet corn that should give us a a few more weeks of corn. Finally, we have a nice fall planting of cabbage (including crinkly savoy and yummy red cabbage), as well as fall broccoli and cauliflower – so look forward to a bountiful september.

We just passed week 10 on the farm which means we have around 7 weeks left! We usually end by the second week of October, so enjoy the veggies while they are flowing and freeze or can what you cannot use right away!


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