2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 8 – mid-season bounty

Click image to enlarge and see if you can make out the turkey in the grass! When I took this picture there were a group of twenty wild turkeys winding their way thru the grass.

On The Farm

Big shifts at the farm as we enter the thick of the harvest season. Our crew has changed – Leonie returned to France, Jeane returned to Denver and Charlie crashed on his bike and is missing in action (but recovering). The crops are shifting as we pick the last of the head lettuce, and peas and shift to beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplant. Also the sweet corn is coming in and the Paonia peaches are almost ready.

It must be summer!

In The Box

Olathe Sweet Corn – Certified Organic – yummy, local, organic – half/full -6 ears/12 ears
Leeks – early crop, many more to come
Salad Mix – its back for another run, romaine heads next week will be the last of the season’s head lettuce
Peas – last of the shelling peas, yum, eat them and remember spring -half – 1 bag (1/2lb.)/ 2 bags for full
Squash – lots of varieties coming in, more and more over the next few weeks. 2/4lb. email me if you want a stuffing sized squash!
Cucumbers – lots more coming in, still more to arrive soon. limited this week, 1-3lb. each
Chard – bunched & colorful – 1bu / 2bu – plenty!
Kale – bunched, multiple types- 1bu / 2bu – more and more…
Carrots – bunched – 1bu / 2bu – big ones coming soon.
Beets – bulk 1lb/2lb. – we are topping these now, i figure you have enough greens!
Broccoli or Eggplant 1lb/2lb. not enough of both to go around so you will get one or the other this week, hopefully the opposite of last week!


Redhaven early peaches from Domingez Canyon – these are a little firm and need to be left out for a day or two until soft, then eaten or refrigerated.

Not in the Box (but available for special order, call or email)

Basil – special order at $12/lb. for pesto
#2 peaches for canning
Gladioli – stunning beauty for your home – $10 for 5 – email to request

The Box Value

Half  $34.60. Full $58.20.

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