2010 CSA Newsletter, Week 6 – heat & rain!

On the Farm

Harvest season is in full force at the farm and everything is coming in! Some beds still need weeding, and I still have a couple more salad plantings to go, but really harvest has taken over our free time. We are starting to pick squash, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and more. Here is a slide show that tells the story in pictures:

[slidepress gallery=’harvest2010′]

All the Crops, A-Z

Here is a word on the status of each major crop (I may leave out a few), how does it look, when will we have it?
Basil –  a great crop, in the box every few weeks, special order for pesto soon
Beans, Green, Yellow, Purple  – great crop – huge , starts next week, lasts 3-4 weeks – consider canning!
Beets – plenty more to come, we will take a break for a few weeks soon, then have some more in the fall. consider canning!
Broccoli – just started, this will trickle on and off for the rest of the season
Cabbage, Napa, Red, Savoy, Green – a good crop, we should have some cabbage every few weeks, regular red and green cabbages start in 3 weeks.
Carrots – starts next week with baby carrots, then goes for a long time, usually 8 weeks, starting with bunched, then topped carrots. a good crop in the field, but the first planting failed so our first harvest is later than usual.
Cauliflower – a good crop of purple, white & orange cauliflower – an early planting was frozen so our first harvest is later than usual, but we will have plenty.
Celery – a small crop, we will have for 1-2 weeks in late september
Chard – early crop frozen, but we’ve made up for that with row grown bagged baby chard, we will have bunches starting next week and have nearly every week for the rest of the season
Chois – we had bok choi one week, that was it!
Collards – i think we have these in the field, but its possible they were lost in the early freeze
Corn, Field & Sweet – we will have our own corn at the very end of the season. i will buy organic olathe sweet corn for the csa boxes for 4-6 weeks once it starts in early august.
Cucumber – an unbelevievably large crop, prepare your cucumber salad recipes. a bit this week, lots starting in 2-3 weeks and lasting until the freeze. picklers available by pre-order @ $1.50/lb.
Eggplant – starts soon, a nice solid crop this year
Flowers – a good crop of gladioli, sunflowers, snapdragons and other flowers for sale
Garlic – a modest crop that will show up in your box all season long to keep you well supplied with garlic
Kale – bunches start soon, lasts a long time – into fall
Lettuce – head lettuce is now peaking, we will have it for just a few more weeks
Melons – a nice looking planting, but we often have poor ripening on this crop, so don’t expect it unless i say otherwise! lots in the ground, but may not ripen before it cools in the fall.
Onions – a HUGE crop, including MANY leeks, early, late etc. we will start with some leeks soon, then early onions, then onions in the box nearly every week until the end.
Onions, Bunching, Pearl we have one bed of these and should have bunches in 3-4 weeks (we already had one round)
Peas – nearly gone, these have lasted a long time; more shelling peas still coming in
Peppers, Hot & Sweet – starts soon, a nice looking crop
Potatoes –  a big crop that has been struggling in the weeds this year, we will start with new potatoes by mid-august, then pick the main crop at the very end of the season
Pumpkins – looks like we will have a good crop this year!
Salad Mix – plenty more to come, we are taking a 1-2 week break until the next patch is ready.
Spinach – its gone for the season (other than some appearing in the salad mix at a baby size.volvo for sal
Squash, Summer – lots of variety coming in starting next week, green, yellow, zucchini, crook neck, starburst, round, etc…
Squash, Winter – looks like a solid crop!
Tomatoes – growing very well, just waiting for them to start to ripen! a solid looking crop this year.

In The Box

Basil – Farm boxes get these this week, we didn’t get them in the cooler last week.

Beets – Lots more coming in, this is the last week of bunched beets, we will switch to topped beets next week, fulls 2 bunches

Broccoli – starting to come in this week, everybody gets a little bit, lots more to come

Chard – last week of bagged chard, fulls get 2 bags

Cilantro – still tender, this is the end for Cilantro!

Kale, fulls get 2 bags

Lettuce, head – no salad mix this week, but lots of yummy head lettuce – green & red butter, red romaine, green leaf & more

Garlic – almost fully cured now, this is our standard ‘early while’ soft-neck garlic

Cucumbers – Just starting, we will have TONS of cucumbers this year, pickling cukes available, please order ahead.

Summer Squash – Just starting, we have a nice looking crop and will have lots by next week.

Peas – shelling peas this week, one more week as we transition to BEANS!

Spinach – full shares got the last of what we picked last week – use 1st!


Apricots – last of the season

Cherries, Rainier – just a bit, all I could get from Paonia

It was a bad cherry season, but I will make it up in Peaches – starting next week with Early Glohavens from the Palisaide Peach Company (Certified Organic)

The Box Value

Full Box – $53, Half Box $30

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