CSA Harvest Starts Soon – Details & Farm Pictures

Lots of Stuff Happening at the Farm!

I could go on and on about everything that is happening at the farm, but I’m too busy to type it all up so here are some recent farm pictures with captions, click to enlarge!

CSA Harvest Starts Soon! Produce Details…

We start pickups/deliveries on Friday June 18th (Farm Pickup and Marble/Redstone/Carbondale delivery). I’m sure everyone is wondering what will be ready (and where the delivery will be). The first crops are starting to come in – the salad is ready, as are the radishes. Soon we will start picking spinach (bagged for the 1st few weeks, then bunched). The peas are flowering and we will start picking those next week. The cilantro is ready, the dill is close. We will also soon harvest some early garlic and possibly garlic scapes (flower heads), plus a bit of leeks that overwintered. The early beets size up quickly and we should have baby beets by week 2. our early carrots hardly germinated, so carrots will start in a few weeks later, in late July. Early July will bring the 1st head lettuce, and we’ll only have that for a few weeks before its gone for the season (we will have the baby salad mix all summer long). Also, we will have potted herbs to hand out to members for the 1st few weeks, please take home your favorites and enjoy fresh herbs all summer.

A few overall notes: the first 4-5 weeks are always a bit small and low on variety – please be patient, the real bounty doesn’t come until later in the season. There isn’t always enough of each crop for every member to get each crop every week. When a crop is in short supply (when they are just starting to come in for example) I will give the crop to one section of members (say all the farm pickup ┬ámembers) one week – the other members get some other crop extra, then the rest get that crop the following week. Half and full size boxes seem similar at first, but this changes later in the season.

Delivery Times and Locations

I will call each and every member before the 1st delivery to confirm that you know where and when the delivery is happening. Farm pickups will be Fridays, starting June 18th, from 3pm-7pm – I will call with directions if ou don;t know how to get here. If you need to come before or after that time (or on a different day) please call ahead to arrange. Crested Butte deliveries will happen Sunday mornings at 11am, the truck will be parked at Stacee Vanaernem’s house – a tall green building at 421 White Rock. The truck will be there for 15-30min, then we will leave unclaimed boxes on the shady porch to ┬áthe right of the front door. If you can’t meet the truck, please send a friend or neighbor to pick up your produce and get it quickly into a cooler or fridge! Gunnison delivery will happen via Mark @ the Thistle Whistle farmstand at the Gunnison Farmers Market. If you prefer we can bring your box to crested butte any week, please call ahead to arrange. Marble, Redstone & Carbondale deliveries will take place on Friday mornings and are being handled by David Warren. I am still looking for the exact locations and will be calling members in these areas for help and ideas. Feel free to email me your suggestions as well.

More Members Requested

We would love to sign up more members in each area. If you know someone who you think might be interested, please give them a gentle suggestion to check out our website. If you are on facebook, you can suggest they like our facebook page. I’m also happy to talk to people and answer questions on the phone. I really encourage people to sign up before the 1st harvest, otherwise they miss the full scope of the season, although we do accept new members until around week 6.

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