Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 10

Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 10    

Notes From the Farm

This weeks newsletter is going out very late – sorry for that. I am just returning from a short river trip (gates of Lodore) and Valentin filled the CSA boxes.  As you can tell from the boxes, summer has hit – lots of everything is coming in. 
The website recipe page was just updated with new recipe sheets including bulb fennel. Are you missing something? Remember, if we  run short on something, we sometimes substitute a different vegetable. If you didn’t get a certain vegetable or item and are missing it please let me know!


More Notes:

Valentin and Lizzy leave for france in two weeks! As we head into fall, we will have to fill the gaps in our harvest crew. Please come down and visit the farm next Saturday to meet them and at least tour the farm. We are offering several workshops in harvesting and cooking throughout the day, as well as lunch and dinner. I will be posting complete details on the farm festival activities on the website soon and I will email you again then. Bring your friends or family, but please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to attend (how many and for what part of the day). (Also, please leave your dogs at home).

Please don’t forget to reply to Valentin’s CSA survey. You can return the printed survey, or you can fill it out online.

Questions and Answers

Please send me your questions, let me know what you want to know!
Send me your questions! Need a recipe? We have a recipe page on the website, or try  allrecipes.com. Want to know when a certain vegetable is coming in? confused about something in your box? email me! 

This Week’s Box

Cucumbers – just beginning this week, lots more next week.
Corn  – Olathe Sweet Certified Organic – our corn is still weeks away
Scallions – purple and green, the last of these for the season
Beans – Green, Yellow & Purple – really starting to come in, we will have even more next week.
Cauliflower – just starting to come in.
Romanesco – this green, fractal/spiral vegetable is in the same family as cauliflower and cabbage, but has its own unique appearance and flavor. 
Broccoli – a little bit coming in now, the big crop arrives in september.
Cabbage – purple and green now coming in.
Carrots – some got artichokes instead – more carrots for everyone in the next few weeks – and more artichokes!
Rainbow Chard, Collards or Kale – its good for you! if you can’t use it all, just prep, boil briefly, cool, bag and freeze! You can use it in December and remember the summer.  

Salad Mix – more coming

Onions – more varieties coming in over the next few weeks
Basil –  A small bag each, call or email about pesto qty. NOW available.

Eggplant  – a bit more coming in now, lots more setting fruit

Peppers – hot peppers trickling it now, lots of variety, some are hotter than others. the bell peppers are sill a few weeks away
Bulb Fennel


Peaches – Pruett Orchards (Powell Mesa)

Apples from the Kropps – the first apples of the season, crisp and tart! many varieties to come!

coming soon: Nectarines

Coming Soon (1-3 weeks)

Potatoes – we will start digging these for the boxes over the next few weeks,  but leave most of the patch for the last few weeks of the season.

Carrots –  the fall crop will kick in and we’ll have carrots for the rest of the season.
Squash – new crop just a few weeks away, but may not make it. Some trickling in from the field next week.
Parsley – Starting to be large enough to pick

Tomatoes -a few at the farm festival, then some in the boxes the following week.
More salad, greens

Beyond 3 weeks
Fall Onions, Leeks
Winter Squash – also heavily hit by squash bugs and the cool spring

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