Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 15-, 2009

Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 15-end

Notes From the Farm

The long grass in this week’s box is lemon grass, excellent in thai soup, or dried as a tea. Int he small herb bundles are roasemary and thyme.

As things wind down in the field the box has grown a lot smaller. This week’s box was a bit small, but please try to remember to bounty of just a few weeks ago when you gauge the value of the CSA!

We still had a good variety of items in the box this week, but less overall quantity. We’ll have more qty. of potatoes as well as leeks next week, plus more onions and garlic. The carrots are still coming in and we may have more cukes and squash this week. We should have more broccoli and cabbage as well, plus some parsley this week and still more chard and kale. 

The salad is done, the tomatoes have stopped ripening. Peaches are done for the season. The beans are done. The eggplant are nearly done. 

Lots of fruit varieties coming in – we had asian pears, bosc pears and red & green bartletts this week, as well as gala and some jonathan apples. 

How many more weeks?
This is a quick fall and we are trying to finish up the season in early October. The last week will be week 17 – the last farm pickup day will be Oct 2, the last delivery date for cb/gunnison will be Sun Oct. 4th. The last Marble delivery will be Saturday Oct. 3rd. This will be an extra huger box, with extra greens, potatoes, carrots, etc – all stuff that can last for several weeks or more in storage.

Returning the totes
If possible, meet the truck and return your totes the day of the final delivery. If not, you can leave your totes at the delivery location (please collapse 1st) and we will come back the following week for a final tote pickup.  Once we have your totes back we will send a check for the deposit money, or we can just hold your totes if you plan to join next year.

Questions and Answers

Please send me your questions, let me know what you want to know!
Send me your questions! Need a recipe? We have a recipe page on the website, or try  allrecipes.com. Want to know when a certain vegetable is coming in? confused about something in your box? email me! 

The next few Week’s Boxs

Cucumbers – until it freezes
Broccoli – until the end.
Carrots – lots more
Rainbow Chard, Collards or Kale – still look good

Salad Mix – last week

Eggplant  – until it freezes
Peppers – until it freezes
Tomatoes –  if they ripen
Garlic – for the last few weeks
Onions – at the end
Leeks – at the end
Zucchini  – second planting now coming in – won’t last long


pears & apples

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