Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter, Weeks 11-16 – Fall Crops!

On The Farm

This week, things have really turned the corner to fall. The air is a bit crisper, the leaves look a bit brown and the field has started its slow descent towards winter. Everything has slowed down and crops are all past their peak (except perhaps tomatoes which are now at their max). Peppers and eggplant should also continue for several more weeks. You will see this decrease reflected in decreasing box sizes for the remainder of the season.

Winter squash is maturing slowly, but should be ready starting in 2 weeks, then we will have it every week until the end. Summer squash is in decline and will end soon. Cucumbers are also declining but will last a few more weeks. Herbs continue for a bit more.

We started picking potatoes last week (with leeks!) and after a break this week you will have them for most/all remaining weeks. Salad is back this week and for several more weeks. Broccoli and cauliflower are done, but broccoli might be back with an encore appearance (side shoots) in a few weeks. We picked the last of the carrots this week and may have one more beet crop. Onions, oh the onions! So many to pick! This week we have reds, we will have yellows & whites thru the rest of the season and hopefully one more round of leeks towards the end.

Kale and chard continue on, I hope you still enjoy these crops! I know some of you are done, but I also know others who happily freeze their weekly supply for winter use. Remember – all this abundance will fade away with the season, so preserve what you can! Speaking of preserving – we do have roma tomatoes by the case, please email if you are interested.

Fruit: every crop is late, so we continue with peaches this week, nectarines next week, early apples and pears the following week and apples until the end.

The End Approaches

The final pickup day will be as follow: Farm Friday Oct. 6th, Marble/Gunnison Sat Oct. 7th, Crested Butte: Sunday Oct. 8th. Please try to return any boxes/totes you have on this final day; we will also try to swing back to get the final boxes a week or so after the final delivery.



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