2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 1 – here we go big time

Welcome to the Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter!

I will try to send out a new newsletter at the end of each week, highlighting the items in and coming to the box and keeping you updated on activities at the farm. I will do my best to highlight the unusual items in the box and suggest possible uses. I know you have questions, so please email them to me and I’ll answer you personally or in the next newsletter.

What’s in the Box!

Baby Salad Mix – we should have this all summer -yum
Spinach – Bagged & Bunched, fulls get 2
Radishes – fresh & spicy – fulls get 2
Garlic Scapes – tender garlic flower heads, use like garlic
Kale – Bagged ‘baby’ leaves – bunched chard and kale still a few weeks off – fulls get 2
Thyme – overwintered
Oregano – also overwintered, use fresh or you can dry!
Joi Choi (type of Bok Choi) – the leaves are a little bitten up, but the stems are delicious, crunchy and sweet – fulls get 2 sleeves
Eggs – we usually don’t enough for everyone but we saved enough for everyone to get some (halfs get half dozen/fulls get full dozen). we will have limited eggs by order at $4/dozen during the rest of the season
Head Lettuce – small but beautiful red oak leaf, more types next week
Sprouts – Sunflower/Pea sprouts from Native Sun – i ordered these using our ‘rainy day fund’ – a small portion of our budget i use to fill in on items we are low on, or in this case to help fill out what i was worried would be a smallish box. these will be available for sale in future weeks at $4/bag.

Remember this is a late season, everything is 2-3 weeks later than usual. Expect about the same box next week or two.


No fruit this week, we expect to have bing cherries from domingez canyon next week, the first of the season!

Coming Up

Baby Beet Bunches

A Word on the Pickups, totes, boxes and bags

Most deliveries will happen in our gray or black re-usable totes. These totes collapse, use the thumb tabs at the corners!

We need all the totes back each week to keep the cycle going – we don’t have enough if you don’t return them. Each tote is lined with a large liner bag to ensure the contents stay moist, if you meet the truck in crested butte you can take the bag out with all your produce and leave the tote with the truck. If we run out of totes we will start using cardboard boxes – we want these back too. If you are returning your totes to 421 white rock in crested butte, please return them no earlier than friday, or meet the truck.

We use the big liner bag and most items will be placed in that bag bunched. Early season items like spinach and kale are bagged, but will soon be bunched, reducing the number of bags we send your way. Unfortunately we can’t take the used bags back, but please find a way to reuse them if you can.



A Panoramic View!

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