Turkey Hill CSA 2013 Apex, Weeks 7 – 10

The peak of the season has arrived! Everything is coming in at once and the boxes are packed. There were over a dozen items in this weeks box and most of these items will continue coming in for several more weeks. The crops are all well established and the weeding is nearly done.

The latest farm pictures, click to enlarge:

Important billing note all accounts now Due!

All accounts are now due in full. I will email final invoices shortly – please send a check for your full balance (or pay online with paypal or a credit card). call or email me if you have any questions. If you can’t pay in full, please contact me to arrange a payment plan.

Here is whats in the box this week:

  • Broccoli – lots more coming for several more weeks
  • Beans – last week on these
  • Carrots – will last for several more weeks
  • Chard – still plenty
  • Cucumbers – more and more coming in over the next few weeks
  • Corn – couple for weeks of corn
  • Eggplant – really coming in now, will last a few more weeks
  • Garlic – we will dole this out over next month little by little
  • Herbs – many herbs coming in now – a mix for the remainder of the season, chives & parsley this week
  • Kale – still looks great, lots more coming – blanche and freeze what you caqn’t use right away
  • Onions – started picking red & yellow onions this week, will last all season, storage types last
  • Peppers – just started, waiting on many types to turn colors, many more to come, sweet & hot
  • Salad Mix – still coming, we will take a break soon then have more for the end of the season.
  • Squash – a steady supply, only a few varieties this year because a few types failed
  • Tomatoes, tomatillos – just starting, more and more until it freezes
  • Fruit: Peaches  – lots more coming!

What still hasn’t come in yet?

  • Artichichokes –  just starting to produce may have enough by the end for everyone to get some
  • Cabbage – plenty out there but coming in slowly, fulls only this week
  • Cauliflower – starting soon, we should have for a few weeks.
  • Leeks – a nice stand, waiting for potato digging to dig leeks, will have for 2 weeks towards the end
  • Melons –  if the frost is late we may have a crop for everyone
  • Potatoes – beautiful stand, we will have potatoes in abundance for the last several weeks of the season
  • Winter Squash – a nice stand, we will start picking in early September and have for the rest of the season
  • Fruit: Apples, Pears, Nectarines

Call to special order: Gladioli, Sunflowers, Basil for pesto.


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