Turkey Hill Newsletter – 2009-2

Turkey Hill CSA Newsletter – Week 2

Important Notes From the Farm

I’m very late getting this letter out this week, but Summer solstice is this saturday, and that means we are hitting the top of the farm workload bell curve. Soon I’ll be able to catch up a bit, but for now everything is happening all at once on the farm. Baby plants need planting, seeding salad continues, weeding is a big task, irrigation is constant (even with all the overcast weather, we still need to water) and now harvest is taking more of our time. Everything is looking great, i’ll post more pictures soon! 

Please note that the farm pickup time is 3-7pm on fridays. I neglected to mention that in the last newsletter and some people weren’t sure about the time. If you need to pick up aearlier or later, just give me a call and we’ll get your box ready separately. For those of you getting weekly deliveries, please don’t forget your totes – we need those totes back each week to keep the delivery process working smoothly. A lot of members are just bringing canvas sacks or boxes to the pick up and transferring the produce immediately rather than taking the tote. If you do take your tote, just collapse it (two thumb buttons on each side) and give it to the delivery driver the following week.

This week we are starting to harvest the head lettuce crop. This week we have a delicious, crunchy bib type lettuce from seeds that were a present last year from the father of our French farm intern Valentin – its called ‘Blonde de’ Paris’. Next week we will move into green romaine and red butter lettuce. we grow a dozen types of lettuce every year, and you’ll see a rotating mix in your boxes for the next few weeks. 

Questions and Answers

Q: Whats with all the bags?
A: When packing boxes for delivery we bag all the ‘wet’ produce – this helps keep the produce from wilting on the way over to deliver.
Q: My Kale/Lettuce/Chard/Etc. is wilting. 
A: Green leafy vegetables love to stay moist. If they wilt, try soaking in the sink with cold water for fifteen minutes or more. Another good technique is putting the veggies in a bag and shaking with a little water, then putting this in the fridge.
Q: I didn’t get my beets/dill/chard this week!
A: when packing delivery boxes we sometimes don;t have enough of a particular crop for every box. in this case we will substitute a different crop, or give you the crop the following week. Also, the exact box may not always match what my email says! If you feel your box was mis-packed or something is missing, please let me know by email or call the farm.
Q: Why are there mud and bugs in my lettuce?!
A: We do our very best to wash all the produce, usually double or triple washing anything that looks dirty. Never the less, some mud clumps cling inside crevices and creases, and little bugs like ladybugs and slugs love to hide out deep inside the folds of veggies. For this reason, we suggest a final rinse for all produce. When you find a bug, take it as a sign that you are eating the freshest, most vibrant, chemical free food possible. 

Send me your questions! Need a recipe? We have a recipe page on the website, or try  allrecipes.com. Want to know when a certain vegetable is coming in? confused about something in your box? email me!

This Week’s Box

NEW: Beets – full large/half small
NEW: Chard – tender bagged rainbow colors
NEW: Head Lettuce – green leaf

Kale  – full share only –  all four varieties coming in strongly now
Salad Mix – we’ll try to have this mix every week

Bok Choi – last week
Radish – new varieties – full large/half small
Spinach – full large/half small – ends soon
Cilantro -full large/half small
Garlic – full two/half one
NEW: Dill – full share only 


cherries start next week!

Coming Soon (1-3 weeks)

head lettuce, varieties
rainbow swiss chard, bunched
dill, more
peas – sugar snaps, shelling

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