2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 4 – Extended Early Season Crops

All of the rainy, overcast weather we have had over the past few weeks has kept the spring crops growing while we wait for the summer crops to hit.

This week from the field

More head lettuce types coming in this week. I hope you enjoyed the red butter last week, this week we have a green butter crunch, a delicious, watery, crunchy lettuce bordering on iceberg territory, as well as a red summer crisp with good tender flavor.  These lettuce are coming from the second planting and are completely free of the pest damage from the earlier lettuces. Eat lots of salad for the next few weeks while we have it, because the head lettuce doesn’t last forever and once its gone the only salad will be our baby salad greens!

Lots or golden beets this week, and a few more of the pablo baby beets. next week we start into full sized scarlet beets.

The lateness of the season continues with crops like shelling peas just starting. We also picked our first summer squash and cucumbers this week. we have fairly large plantings of these crops so expect to see these in your box in the next few weeks in growing quantities.

Our early onion crop got weeded this week and is finally sizing up – we will start picking the largest onions for CSA members next week – just a little bit so you onion lovers have something to cook with – our first type will be walla-walla sweet onions. These can grow to be softball sized (!), but we will start picking them much smaller than that.

I picked a few carrots this week and they just weren’t quite big enough for harvesting. the rainy weather lately has been slowing things down a bit – without the intense, day-long sun everything just slows down! We will have carrots next week.



The internet is a treasure trove of recipes – just try a google search for something like Kohlrabi recipe to see what I mean! I also have a dedicated recipe page on the turkey hill csa website with (from farmer john at angelic organics). These are full page  And yes, there is a recipe page for kohlrabi.

In The Box

Beets – lots of goldens and a few more pablo, lots more beets coming
Baby Salad Mix – we should have this all summer -yum
Peas – shelling and sugar snaps this week. also a few snow peas, but we have a weak snow pea crop this year
Kale – Bagged leaves –
Chard  – Bagged leaves – fulls get 2
Head Lettuce – more lettuce! i hope you like salad
Green Garlic – use just like garlic


New variety of Apricots from Domingez Canyon
1st of the season Peaches from the Palisade Peach Company  – leave these out for a day or two to ripen, then refrigerate.

Coming soon

Cilantro, second wave
Carrots – next week!
Onions – small walla wallas & others
Scallions and Cipollini flat small onions in a few weeks
Summer Squash – lots of varieties coming in over the next 3 weeks and thru the season
Cucumbers – starts in next few weeks
Broccoli – lots just budding up, we will have a flush starting in 1-2 weeks, but the best crop comes later in the season, in september
more lettuce varieties – next week – more green romain, green butters, and more!
More Kohlrabi
Cabbage – chinese first, then red & green;
Cauliflower – a few weeks off
Olathe Sweet Organic Sweet Corn – mid august
Fruit coming soon

North Fork Valley Peaches from First Fruits

Farm Pictures

[slidepress gallery=’farmpics123′]


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