2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 5 – here comes summer

On the Farm

Harvest has begun to take over all our time on the farm. This week we started picking the garlic in earnest (pictures below) – we will process and dry this (great!) crop and start putting it in your box in around 2 weeks. For now we have more green garlic. Lots more starting to come in this week – the early squash and cucumbers from the hoop house, the earliest broccoli, and the first cabbages – napa types; a new crop of cilantro and lots more peas; more large beautiful beets (i promise to give you a beet break next week!), and the first baby carrots – we have more carrots coming, but we will wait a 2-3 weeks until they size up before we pick many more of them. The onions this week are the very first of the season and are very small, but I wanted you to have some onion to cook with. We have 2,000 planted (& weeded!), plus shallots, leeks and other late onions – so expect more onions! Only fulls getting kale this week – everyone gets chard and kale again next week.

The Farm in Pictures

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In The Box

Napa Cabbage – deliciously crunchy – great in stir fry!
 – just a bit, plenty more coming
 – small early white and yellow onions – we’ll have these on and off throughout the season, these are still very small but will get larger as the season progresses.
 – some boxes – just starting
Squash, summer 
– some boxes – just starting – zucchini, patty pan,yellow straight-neck, etc
Carrots –
babies, we’ll take a break, then have lots more carrots
Cilantro –
new crop, one more week of this cilantro
– (some boxes) more coming soon 
Beets –
red, full sized
Baby Salad Mix – we should have this all summer -yum
Peas – more shelling and sugar snaps this week. also a few snow peas.
Kale – full only
Head Lettuce – even more lettuce! more to come!
Green Garlic – use just like garlic


Peaches from the Palisade Peach Company  – leave these out for a day or two to ripen, then refrigerate.

Coming soon

Carrots – larger size in 2 weeks
Onions – larger yellow walla wallas & whites
Scallions and Cipollini flat small onions in a few weeks
Summer Squash – lots of varieties coming in over the next 3 weeks and thru the season
Cucumbers – starts in next few weeks
Broccoli – lots just budding up, we will have a flush starting in 1-2 weeks, but the best crop comes later in the season, in september
more lettuce varieties – next week – more green romain, green butters, and more!
More Kohlrabi
Cabbage – chinese first, then red & green;
Cauliflower – a few weeks off
Olathe Sweet Organic Sweet Corn – mid august
Fruit coming soon

North Fork Valley Peaches from First Fruits

Please call if you have questions. Please mail your check if you owe the farm money!

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