2012 CSA Newsletter – Week 12,13, etc…

The Farmers Update

As I write this we are packing week 13. Week 12 still had a huge variety of vegetables – cilantro, parsley, carrots, beets, broccoli/cauliflower, kale, chard,  corn, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes, onions and squash. This week we will have some heavy boxes, but a few things are ending – the cucumbers are gone, we gave the kale a break this week but will have some more before the end, chard is gone, peppers and eggplant are almost gone, corn is done.

The last few weeks…

We’ve got more leeks this week and one more time this season, perfect for potato leek soup! Also lots of yellow onions and soon the red onions; we’ve got some herbs for the end of the season – including  the lemon grass in this week’s box. Lots of potatoes coming in, and a few pumpkins. We do have some garlic, the crop was small this year (probably weather related) – My winter squash crop was a bust, almost nothing made it; fortunately Glenn Austin and the Greg at the trading post had better luck, so I will resort to buying the squash for the last few weeks. Everything in these last boxes is designed for storage – keep the onions, potatoes and squash in a cool, well ventilated, dark spot and they will last for months.

The end is coming!

The end of the farm season that is, not the end of the world, although some are predicting that as well. You will probably be able to tell from this week’s box that the season is in steep decline. Because of the lack of water and the heat of summer, fall has come a bit early to the western slope. The tomatoes are producing more that I remember in the last decade – even the field grown romas are coming on in force – we can barely keep up with picking them! If you find a lot of tomatoes in your box these next few weeks, just freeze them if you can’t use them all! I freeze whole, ripe tomatoes in gallon ziplok bags. In the winter these are easy to peel (just dunk in hot water and the skin slips right off), chop up and add to any dish.

Because of the early decline, i’m going to condense our final deliveries and pack the rest of the fall crops in the next three heavy boxes (weeks 13-15). I’m packing these final boxes much more than usual, essentially doubling up for the last few weeks, saving on the delivery effort, but still getting you all your fall crops.  I wanted to mention that we are winding down more quickly than usual, the CSA was still a great value for your membership dollars this summer – according to my past calculations, we hit the ‘retail price value’ of the membership around week 10 or 11 – after that everything else is a bonus. Also this year, a bunch of crops came in early, thus front loading our season. I am considering starting a week earlier next year, more on this over the winter.

The final pickup dates are as follows: Crested Butte – Sunday September 30th, Marble/Redstone & Gunnison – Saturday September, Farm – Friday Oct. 5th.

Crested Butte members, please bring any empty boxes/totes back to the delivery spot by the following weekend so we can pick them up. Marble/Redstone members please get your boxes back to karen or gina and we will get them back; Gunnison members, please bring your boxes/totes back to mark the following week.

Thank you for your membership this year!

In the Box

Most items are 1 each for Half, 2 each for Full. A few items are Full only. Boxes may vary slightly, we do our best to even out the distribution.

Broccoli/Cauliflower  – still a little more…
Onions  – still more
Kale – ends soon!
Peppers – ends soon
Eggplant – ends soon
Carrots – last week
Herbs – lemon grass
Winter Squash – acorns this week, delacata, butternut next

Gala & Honeycrisp  from First Fruits, a few more varieties coming



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